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  1. When you spit on something people like, don't expect them to act kindly.
  2. This is the math when the poke is at 1HP *silly* awk. And yes I've assumed the math for only repeat but it depends on the status bonus if we are using dusk look: Math: 35X2X3.5 = 245/255 = 0.96 (96%). The only thing now is to prove if Dusk can guarantee a Ditto or not if yes then I assume that Sleep status is a X2.5 Bonus catch.
  3. What do you mean? If you want another example try catching whismur with a pokeball, it will pop out(while before 25/12/18 it wasn't). Whismur has 190 catch rate and pokeball 1x bonus catch. Math: 190X1=190/255 = 0.75 (75%). Just saying though, don't wanna argue. The devs may keep this from us or whatever. Have fun ^^
  4. Repeat ball and Dusk Ball have 3x catch bonus. Adding sleep which is 2x catch bonus. Ditto has 35 catch rate. So according to the math: 35X2X3 = 210/255 = 0.82. That means 82% catch rate if we refer to the official game. This may be wrong since repeat and sleep got buffed by 0.5 each which gives: 35X2.5X3.5 = 306.25/255 = 1.20 (120%). If someone can confirm if those balls fails or not would be great. Source: Bulbapedia
  5. Search for the berry in the GTL and you will have your answer. Hope it will help! Have fun ^^
  6. I'm in, contact me here or in-game. IGN: MarieJoanne
  7. The issue comes from me... They work like a charm... Ty
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