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  1. Is there a way to change the battle camera movement? Like returning to Fire Red style?
  2. Could you make a similar one with the EVs each pokemon give? I think that would be awesome
  3. Upgrade the items accordingly to the number of medals you have like in the original games. I find it annoying that you have to go to a different city while hunting for a certain pokemon and there aren't great balls or ultra balls to buy.
  4. Probably something stupid but I think it would be nice to have a notepad in-game were we can create notes or reminders (timed and with sound notifications). For example: EV Train a certain Pokemon, an Upcoming Event, Items you want to buy but don't have the money at that moment, look for a certain Pokemon you wanted, etc.
  5. Just a question: my Pickup Pokemon needs to be a high level to be able to pick differents items like in the original games? I'm talking about Emerald, where the rate of some items changed with the level of the Pokemon.
  6. I have the PokeMMO Mod and it seems to be working but they look as if they are floating :( Any help? And is there a way to toogle off the camera movement?
  7. Thanks for this mod! Gonna try this out soon enough :D __________________________________________________ Gracias por el mod! Voy probarlo ahorita mismo :D ================== EDITED: Looks fine, but they placement looks a bit weird. Is there any way to modify it? __________________________________________________ Se ven bien, pero sus posiciones se ven algo raras. Hay alguna forma de modificarlo?
  8. Help me please :( I really want this theme but it says "file not found" when I try to download it.
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