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  1. Text:WBeaw Team (If you want it added):VaDe Character/Pokemon:Ninetales Shiny Background:You decide Animation:Yes please Donation amount (If there is one):---- If possible it could make one of Ursaring as avatar if it does not try Ninetales Shiny
  2. Item (Signature/Avatar/Both):Both Size:You decide Render:-.-' I do not know any good enough Color Scheme:Being possible could make one an avatar and Sigs of Ursaring and another Sigs of Ninetales the Avatar you decide to sig of ursaring I want him in a mountain and of ninetales I want her in a forest can make the most beautiful possible ??? ? Text if any:Beaw Team:VaDe
  3. Ok it may be more you can put VaDe in Domes because VaDe and the new team
  4. @Diano I LOVED YOU VERY VERY MUCH BEAUTIFUL LINDO so that can change the tag of the signature I have a new team now the tag of Team and VaDe
  5. New Signs and Banners ♪ Background :Animated Waterfall ♪ Colour theme : Blue Dark and Light Blue ♪ Character(s) : [Character name // Character picture] Floatzel and Cute Samurott With the animated screens of the 2 ♪ Text : Beaw ♪ Team : XXX ♪ Donation : ---- ♪ Background : Animated Ocean with waves ♪ Colour theme :Blue Dark ♪ Pokemon(s) : [Pokemon name(s) // Pokemon picture(s)] : Floatzel ♪ Text : Beaw ♪ Donation [optional] :
  6. Someone already realized a long time ago in the anime of ash doing his adventures in unova had an episode in which he had to cross a bridge and in that bridge had fogs there then appeared a psychic poke and I disrupt the ash to pass in the bridge of fog then means that G5 confirmed OO to the surprise that they had not thought about it
  7. ♪ Background :Bambos Or blizzard ♪ Colour theme :Red and Black ♪ Pokemon(s) : [Pokemon name(s) // Pokemon picture(s)] : Pangoro And ♪ Team:XXX ♪ Text :Beaw ♪ Donation [optional] :--- ♪ Anything else : Yes Animation
  8. Texto:Beaw Team (Se você quiser adicioná-lo):XXX Personagem / Pokémon:Cute Pangoro and Fundo:Bamboo Biome Animação:Only the biome in animation Montante da doação (se houver):-------
  9. Template Character:Pangoro forma humanaName:Beaw Team or any text:XX Background: Scenery
  10. Name:Beaw Team:Domo Pokemon / render: <http://rogo-the-golden-boy.deviantart.com/art/Boss-Pangoro-384866620> If it does not work try this pfv <http://shinyscyther.deviantart.com/art/PANGORO-386498971> Donation (se você quiser):--- Any additional Notes:You decide
  11. - Seu nome> Beaw - Seu caracter> Pangoro - Seu plano de fundo> você escolhe - Sua equipe> XXX - Especial> Animado
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