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  1. Still waiting for a tier council to give me some arguments to not ban Diglett.
  2. I exposed all the point to ban diglett. I'm still waiting for a TC to answer me to start a discussion.
  3. The majority of the tier council don't play the game or even lc. They use the smogon basis to tell us what to play but there are a lot of differences there. Arena trap diglett is so strong for the reasons i've mentionned before. It kills the tier, it's not even funny as you have to play some poke and you can't use others, no originality anymore. I ask to the tier council a new vote.
  4. Again, after 2 tours, diglett is monopolizing the tier. - With clamperl or any shell smash user, it's too easy to set up and it will be the first one to set up who wins. - The threat to be trapped every time when you see mienfoo (u-turn) as you can't put your check as it is mostly killed by diglett. - Diglett is faster than anything so it can revenge kill without taking damages, not the case of trapinch. Ban this thing again holy shit
  5. Hello, I've just heard about the return of diglett in LC. I don't think it's a good thing fir the tier and i'm against this decision. Here are several reasons from my point of view : - It is unhealthy for the tier as he is the perfect support to set up clamperl or any shell smash users as they are more difficult to set up at the moment. - It counters all the answers of shell smash users. - A lot of mon are not viable anymore - poison types, electric types, fire types. So no more grimer, tentacool, chinchou unless scarf, ekans, larvesta, ponyta, abra, magnemite etc. The tier will be smaller and everyone will play the same teams. - It will cause the hyper dominance again of mienfoo cause no sticky hold pokemon can be played. So misdreavus will be played a lot more than now cause it will be the only answer or either calmperl and mienfoo/timbur. It's just my opinion : we need to ban again Diglett where we should have keep it.
  6. IGN : Stelian Tiers : OU UU NU LC + dubs format Timezone : GMT + 2 Fluff : Lunarck gives pvp lessons for 150k, anyone ?
  7. So, you all pros, are beaten by a random. Rude. Btw, have a nice competition.
  8. Since I won 2 shinies and a perfect comp lately in dubs tournament, others than CC (won one of the last too), am i not pro ?
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