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  1. It's dead due to the Christmas event Or bcs Sweet is too strong
  2. IGN : Stelian Co-manager IGN : Lunarck Series : singles Teamname : EpicOwl Timezone : GMT+1
  3. The tier is so much a mess without mienfoo. You can test a lot of thing with mienfoo in the tier, saying you can't need you to say which mon you can't bring with mienfoo in the tier. But I do agree that fun is sujective also.
  4. I won and my spiritomb wasn't even mid life
  5. Why is machamp so broken that when it went down in NU last time, it only had 5% of usage? And how doesnt spiritomb wall machamp? Foul play on any set is efficient, wow on no guard set destroy it, hex on the guts set detroy it, etc
  6. Why not doing automated tour at these dates? Thanks for keeping the LC community alive!
  7. Just my opinion but for me : - unban mienfoo - eletrode and dugtrio shouldn't be dropped cause the screen + trap and memento would be unstoppable and toxik af. It should stay in UU.
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