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  1. I'm looking for partners. Who wants to play with me ?
  2. So, you all pros, are beaten by a random. Rude. Btw, have a nice competition.
  3. Since I won 2 shinies and a perfect comp lately in dubs tournament, others than CC (won one of the last too), am i not pro ?
  4. DarkQuiler vs Stélian in 17mins. Lc btw.
  5. JasonSparrowX vs Trashmimiii in 10mins
  6. I take double only on my match @Suneet
  7. Dynamic Monkeys (0) Vs The Raging Noctowls (0) OU: enchanteur vs ZDfire UU: xluneth vs Mkns NU: lifestyle vs Abstractt LC: yosoyarca vs Stelian Doubles: rendi vs Zigh SM OU: kamimii vs Havsha Doubles: chujulvs AlejandroGB OU: pitzzin vs Kiwikidd Spared No Expense (0) Vs Munya's Kecleons (0) NU: AurumPegasus vs cjmystogan SM OU: Zokuru vs sweetforyou Drako.. Dracarys! (0) Vs The Beefy Bouffants (0) NU: Madarasixsix vs Zymogen LC: Samoerai vs Cali 50k each bet
  8. X Starr owe me 200k @xStarr I owe 100k to Suneet @Suneet
  9. Don't think there is too much OU, just not enough NU so, just need more tournament.
  10. waiting for my 100k for the Zigh's victory
  11. The Raging Noctowls (0) Vs Spared No Expense (0) OU: kiwikidd vs Drayyton UU: ZDFire vs EpicVerde NU: Makx vs Lotus LC: OscarFail vs isperea Doubles: AlejandroGB vs Parke SM OU: Mkns vs Zokuru NU: Abstractt vs AurumPegasus Doubles: Zigh vs Schuchty 100k each
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