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  1. Camilencanto vs Stelian in 15mins.
  2. Team Name: Sic Itur Ad Astra Team Tag: [SIÂ] Registered Players: Mkns, gbwead, Stelian, MadaraSixSix, Jaawax, Schuchty, Lunarck, YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL, Nahwel, LeZenor, xenkiller, Galekingex, Darkquette, Kanicula et Cmawesome Team Captain: Mkns
  3. Stelian

    Recycle Bug

    @Munya Fix this bug, you can watch my duel vs Samoerai in the Champ little minners tournament, at the end, the bug fucked me up as I won this game.
  4. @Munya fix the berry juice bug plz
  5. 500k Belgium 0 - 0 China A OU - Jaawax VS mentalsoft -100k UU - Mkns VS MamoswineZ - 200k NU - Kriliin VS MullenYu - 200k LC - Stelian VS Ahpool - 500k Doubles - Imat make me a sig VS bfu - 100k SMOU - LLLliolae VS Starmind - 500k to 1m
  6. The infamous and nonsense rematch vs BlizzardGG in 10 - 20mins.
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