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  1. I decided to download the most recent launcher because I couldn't update the game with the launcher I had, and since then this message appear. before this I was able to run the game normally ( my graphic drivers are updated) https://imgur.com/a/g01p5
  2. Updater Bug, Actualizacion bug

    the same thing is happening to me
  3. Is it advisable to breed pokemon?, I have this doubt because of the hidden abilities, I mean, will we have to re-breed pokemon if hidden abilities got implemented later in the game? https://imgur.com/a/enwkn I bred this bulbasaur and feel like I wasted my time, because I will have to re-breed to put it chlorophyll. PD: Sorry for my english btw :v
  4. I did not see bullet punch and aqua jet on the pts information, will be they included? that atack is really important for scizor

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