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  1. Eviolite

    Any news on eviolite availability? I thought it would've been an easy one to implement in comparison with things like air balloon
  2. Air Balloon

    Ow ok, new berries doesn't work yet too. Thanks
  3. Air Balloon

    Is Air balloon single use if used in battle tower? Or does it come back after every fight?
  4. Link battle tower & co

    Hey guys, since the update is actually coming soon and I didn't really play lately so I'm a little uninformed: Has there been any word about co-op battles against NPC (like the current battle tower) in Unova? Is the current battle tower getting updated with new mons/items/moves?
  5. PTS

    Ow I see. Thanks for letting me know
  6. PTS

    I was messing around in the battle frontier and found out this It's from the battle pike's ranking. Is it from an older PTS or may be a hint that the remaining battle frontier structures are coming?
  7. The next generation is ...

    Give us some hints ;-; Like the bidoof one
  8. The next generation is ...

    I think the most of us would be just fine knowing about what's going to happen precisely. I mean, building hype is good but we don't even know what we're hyped about ;c

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