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  1. It has been sooo long tbh, don't know how something that "should've been ready a couple months after unova" still has zero leaks by the staff, not even a minuscule one like the bridges for unova after more than a entire year
  2. @Darkshade I tried asking via PM a couple days ago but I suppose you can't answer to PMs, so w/e I'll just ask here: I was the one asking for changes about how the consumables worked in Battle tower; I had little time to test things on the PTS and I checked if there were differences about consumables and I noticed that now if the item gets consumed, it still remains for the entire 7 battles and then goes away after ending the series. Is that coming to live with this update?
  3. Features: Updated overworld legendary movesets/builds I think he's referring to this. Would like to know what this means too Edit: nvm I think I got it. Updated Rayquaza and Mewtwo's movesets
  4. Agree on this. And anyway, legendaries aren't confirmed to be one of a kind. Actually considering games and anime, they are pretty much confirmed the opposite. Yes they're really rare, but at least most of them aren't unique (the ones which may be unique would be Dialga/Palkia/Giratina/Arceus).
  5. Thanks a lot, it is indeed something that remained a bit underlooked cause it is something less played than other things on the game. Really appreciate the attention, I'll keep hoping for some changes then
  6. @Darkshade I could see that fine in pvp fights, though it's a pity not being able to use those in the particular pve that is the battle tower. :c I mean, the difference is in pvp you can still replace the consumed item after the fight, but in battle tower you can't put another "copy" of the item while being inside. If there was that possibility, I'd be fine stocking up on berries or consumable and replace it after use tho
  7. @Darkshade I'd like to have some confirmations on other items too, if possible. I'm pretty much a co-op battle tower only player, and since as of right now consumable items are one-time-only in battle tower too, they are pretty much useless unfortunately. The thing is: in battle factory, if consumables are used, they actually do come back for the next battle. What about air balloon? Will it be the same as focus sash? If yes, even in battle tower or will it be made like battle factory/original games? Thanks in advance. Really helpful post btw
  8. Would be pretty good if it's like that, hopefully we get some confirmation then
  9. Dunno, it seems the first dungeon that's coming out is gonna be about HA and not legendaries.
  10. Aw man. I really hoped that at least these items with not-so-strange effects would be implemented fast over those like air balloon/flame orb.
  11. Any news on eviolite availability? I thought it would've been an easy one to implement in comparison with things like air balloon
  12. Ow ok, new berries doesn't work yet too. Thanks
  13. Is Air balloon single use if used in battle tower? Or does it come back after every fight?
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