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  1. You must have acquired the respective badges in order to increase your obedience level and be able to tame them. If you hit the C key or check your trainer card, you'll see your current obedience level, which is respective to each region and can only be increased by acquiring gym badges. Debes haber adquirido las respectivas medallas para así poder incrementar tu nivel de obediencia y utilizarlos. Si presionas la tecla C o chequeas tu ficha de entrenador, verás tu nivel de obediencia actual, el cual es respectivo a cada región y solo puede ser incrementado adquiriendo medallas de gimnasio.
  2. Hi there. Staff are not really bound to specific channels, we try to be present in every public chat as much as possible in order to promote a healthy chat environment. While this might be the case it's also true that we're human and sometimes we might not be available/online, that's why sections such as player reports and the ingame support request function exists. Thanks a lot for your suggestion though, we'll try our best to stay present as much as possible.
  3. You're in front of professor Juniper, hit A (Z by default) to interact with her.
  4. Moved to suggestion box!
  5. Welcome! Enjoy the game and good luck c:
  6. You can get one for free in mauville city's bike shop, as soon as you get there!
  7. Yup! Just like in the originals, except you can use the dowsing machine here in order to find them effectively instead of randomly pressing A everywhere.
  8. Hola, en el futuro por favor asegúrate de agregar una traducción al ingles mientras utilizas estas secciones de los foros. Si quieres aprender sobre detalles de estos eventos busca en el que participaras dentro de esta sección! Hello, in the future please be sure to add an English translation while using these sections of the forums. If you want to learn about details of these events, look for the one you will participate in in this section!
  9. You can find the old background in this folder: You'll have to modify it on your own, the background files are called bg_00, bg_01 and bg_02.
  10. With the usage of themes you can! Some change the background, you can find some here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/33-client-customization/ I believe most need to be updated since a new update was released not too long ago. Hope you find one that you like.
  11. Make sure to read the rules before posting! I shall be locking this thread now. You can ask any of the OP's of the threads found within this section however.
  12. Did you make sure to check the "Show Overworld in Battle" box above Show Battle Background?
  13. On settings, on the video tab make sure to uncheck the show battle background option. Hope it helps!
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