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  1. SecretDjinn

    Ola a todos

    Howdy MarshNello, please make sure to add an english translation to all of your posts within these services. If you'd like to use the android client all you need to do is download it from this link. You can access your account with the same login as with the PC client. Have a good one. Hola MarshNello, por favor asegurate de agregar una traducción al ingles a todos tus posts dentro de estos servicios. Si quieres utilizar el cliente de android solo debes descargarlo desde aquí. Puedes accesar tu cuenta con el mismo login que el que usabas en PC. Ten un buen día.
  2. SecretDjinn

    Old player back after 5 years

    The reason you need the black/white rom to play now is because of the addition of the 5th generation, including the Unova region. Sadly nobody can help you get the roms as it is against the terms of service and breaks the piracy policy. Good luck.
  3. SecretDjinn


    In-game name: SecretDjinn Forum name: SecretDjinn Country: Venezuela Tiers signed up for: UU, NU, LC Discord name: Djinn#3483
  4. SecretDjinn

    Racism & Staff Rules

    It is no secret to any of us that racism is a very controversial and delicate topic to speak about, specially in public chats. This isn't to say that we shouldn't talk about it, but rather avoid the false claims to begin with. It is a pretty common practice for rule breakers in this community to not take responsibility for their actions, and approaching the chat with messages such as: n word x100 yes i have 10m now guess the N word god bless me 10m Will end up in a punishment. If what's considered gray area is a compilation of messages which are explicitly trying to avoid rules while at the same time being pretty obvious about it, then please take into consideration that the nature of this kind of behavior is punishable, and i know this might sound like a broken record but the TOS are there for a reason. Be wary of what you say, and the best way to approach these situations is by taking responsibility of what's done and said. Thanks a lot for your time and wish you a happy beginning of the year.
  5. SecretDjinn

    Trade Rooms/Troca de Rooms

    Por favor, certifique-se de sempre adicionar uma tradução em inglês quando usar esses fóruns. Para voltar à região anterior basta falar com a mãe NPC depois de escolher a inicial na região em que você está. Se você tem mais de duas medalhas, vá para a cidade portuária onde você pode pegar um barco para a região anterior. Cidade de Vermilion para Kanto e cidade de Slateport para Hoenn. Please be sure to always add an English translation when you use these forums. To return to the previous region just talk to the mother NPC after choosing the starter in there region where you are currently. If you have more than two medals, go to the port region where you can take a boat to the previous region. Vermilion city for Kanto and Slateport city for Hoenn.
  6. SecretDjinn


    You can return to the previous region if you've less than 2 badges in the current region by talking to the mom NPC after choosing your starter, otherwise you'll need to take a boat by Vermilion city if you're in Kanto or Slateport if you're in Hoenn.
  7. SecretDjinn

    Mods on here don't seem to have a sense of humor

    Hi there, it seems as though you might be frustrated over terms which you can find here, we highly encourage you to check out that link. Have a nice day!
  8. SecretDjinn

    e-mail issues

    They must head to this section and emit a report explaining their issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  9. SecretDjinn

    Muted for 9.5k seconds over a mistake?

    If you're having a complaint about rule enforcement, please contact any SGM about it.
  10. SecretDjinn

    Help :"c

    In order to drag it around, make sure to keep your bag open--Then hold left click between the hotkey boxes so you can move the entire bar.
  11. SecretDjinn

    Last Words before leaving

    Thanks for everything you've done here, it's been a blast Gracias por todo lo que has hecho aquí, ha sido excelente c:
  12. SecretDjinn

    Still can not logging in

    Please make sure to take any of these issues to this section, good luck!
  13. SecretDjinn

    Pokemon movements

    The learn sets are from generation 7, without moves beyond the 5th generation of course.
  14. SecretDjinn


    Hit the C button ingame to check your trainer card, there's a level cap per badge. This means pokemon won't be able to go over it unless you earn more badges.

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