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  1. If it was not stated in your appeal, you're free to carry on playing on a newly created account. Otherwise you're not allowed to use our services anymore. Si no fué dicho en tu apelación, eres libre de seguir jugando en una cuenta nueva. De lo contrario no tienes permitido usar nuestros servicios.
  2. http://support.pokemmo.eu Por favor apele solo a través de esta sección, siempre asegurese de leer correctamente la razón de baneo. Buena suerte.
  3. http://support.pokemmo.eu/ Please appeal via this link.
  4. Por favor intenta redescargar y reinstalar el cliente: https://pokemmo.eu/downloads/ Para cualquier problema de inicio de cuenta emite un ticket a través de https://support.pokemmo.eu/login/.
  5. This thread has pointed out a few misunderstandings. As mentioned earlier, displaying our evidence to the banned player when it comes to more serious punishments like botting or RMT makes them aware of what to avoid the next time, if they attempt to do the same. Despite players coming to the forums and saying they were just banned for no reason, we do ban when evidence is enough to support it. Every piece of evidence we gather before and after issuing a punishment is reviewed by higher ranked staff, and the point of the appeals is to give these a re-revision in case som
  6. Hi there; You're able to play through all the regions with a single character! Once you earn 4 badges in your first region you'll be free to travel to a new one via the port city of each region, those would be Pastoria city for Sinnoh, Vermilion city for Kanto, Slateport city for Hoenn and Castelia city in Unova.
  7. We're unable to help you find them as stated in the download website, you'll need to find them on your own. If you'd like to install them just click the client management button located in the login screen, that should take you directly to the folder as well. Good luck.
  8. Congrats on your graduation! Wish you the best in life and, who knows, maybe you can come back some day! Thanks for playing this game nevertheless c:
  9. Please issue a ticket via this link explaining your issue just like you did here: https://support.pokemmo.eu
  10. https://support.pokemmo.eu Please make sure to use this link to appeal to any punishment. https://support.pokemmo.eu Por favor asegurate de utilizar este link para apelar a cualquier penalización.
  11. Same actually (Lilycove city theme), close second being the Sinnoh League Night theme
  12. It costs 30000 pokeyen, you can also attain an ability pill via battle point vendor
  13. Once claimed, PvP automatic rewards cannot be changed. Please be careful in the future and make sure to read through the options, specially the IV position, as you're choosing them.
  14. Hola, para ir a otra región debes tener 4 medallas y tomar un bote en ciudad Pradera. En el futuro, recuerda agregar una traducción al ingles en los posts dentro de este foro. Hi, in order to travel to other regions you must have 4 gym badges and take a boat in Pastoria city. In the future, please make sure to add an english translation to each post within these forums.
  15. If you're unable to submit further appeals, the answer is definitive and complaining here on the forums won't change the verdict.
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