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  1. SecretDjinn

    [Art] Soda's Skatches 2.0

    So i want a chavez style sketch go crazy go nuts get creative thanks papi Colour of course you know these terms thank you for being here for all of us
  2. SecretDjinn

    Need administrator's help!

    If your account has been "stolen" please head to this link explaining your situation as well as adding your account info.
  3. As stated previously, RMT is forbidden, if you'd like to, try selling cosmetics or items attained from the gift shop for ingame money as many players look for these, but do not practice real money trading.
  4. SecretDjinn

    Guía de Crianza

    Gracias! Aún no está lista :( Trabajaré en ella cuando tenga tiempo
  5. No hay problema, Mincas No worries, Minks
  6. Hi there! I'm a native spanish speaker, if you'd like to converse i'm always available through the discord server. Have a good one and good luck c;
  7. SecretDjinn

    New abilities patch

    Hi there, as stated previously all abilities except for illusion must be working now, however--Hidden abilities are yet to be attainable for pokemon. The devs have stated that hidden abilities will be attainable through catching new pokemon that possess these, but i'd advice holding off on selling those bred pokemon since they'd still be of use even without their hidden abilities. For further information about the implemented abilities please check this link. Have a nice day!
  8. SecretDjinn


    Hola, si tienes alguna clase de queja sobre moderación por favor contacta a cualquier SGM. Es la mejor manera de enviar feedback y obtener respuestas. Hi, if you're having any sort of complaint about moderation please contact any SGM. It's the best way to send feedback and obtain answers.
  9. SecretDjinn

    UPDATE HYPE!!!!!!

    Since Desu will keep us informed on what's going on there won't be much need for this thread anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience and be patient while the server comes back up. If you'd like to follow the maintenance please make sure to visit this thread.
  10. SecretDjinn


    Como ya se ha explicado anteriormente, si has sido penalizado y quieres apelar, debes hacerlo a traves de esta sección. Recordemos que las comunicaciones dentro del foro tambien deben ser en ingles dentro de estas secciones. Buen día y suerte. As it's been explained previously, if you've been penalized and would like to appeal, it must be done through this sectión. Let's keep in mind communications through the forums within these sections must be in english as well. Good day and good luck.
  11. Yes, both Magnemite and Magneton have a chance to hold metal coats.
  12. SecretDjinn

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Congrats to the owner c:
  13. SecretDjinn

    You guys should host more mini-events on your own.

    Hide and seeks are my favorites, definitely looking forward to hosting one of these when i can c:
  14. SecretDjinn

    I wanna apply for CM

    If you wanna check how many hours you've put into a character, hit the C button while ingame or if you're on mobile hit the Trainer button after accessing the menu. Since your question has already been answered i'll be locking this thread. Good luck. c;
  15. You can find the Shadow Ball TM in the cinnabar island pokemart; some TMs have been relocated to reflect the progress of the player through badge availability.

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