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  1. Please issue a ban appeal via this link: https://support.pokemmo.eu Por favor emita una apelación a través de este link: https://support.pokemmo.eu
  2. Please check the response to your support request ticket.
  3. Hola, debes esperar 15 minutos. Por favor siempre recuerda agregar una traducción al ingles en tus hilos. Hi, you must wait 15 minutes. Please make sure to always add an english translation to your threads.
  4. Hola; si, la misma cuenta que usas en PC puedes usar en android. El juego es crossplatform. Hi there; yes, the same account you use on PC you can use on android. The game is crossplatform.
  5. a. You are required to use the English language when using the PokeMMO forums. Posts written in other languages are required to have an English translation appended to the post. You can find this paragraph in the forum rules within any section. As of right now the forums do not support the spanish language, that's why English speakers are not forced to translate their posts to spanish, however spanish speakers are meant to add English translations. Just wanted to clear this up.
  6. NIdoran male + Nidoran female will always have a 50% chance to birth one or the other meaning the offspring cannot be ensured, this is the only instance where you'll find this "???" result. It is not a bug.
  7. Por favor asegurate de agregar una traducción al ingles en tus posts dentro de estos foros; no logramos ver lo que sucede, solo debes elegir el movimiento que quieres reemplazar por síntesis, si estás atascado reinicia el cliente. Please make sure to add an english translation to your posts within these forums, we're not aware of what's happening, you must only choose the move you'd like to be replaced by Synthesis, if you're stuck reload your client.
  8. You're free to use the main PokeMMO logo as long as you're not pretending to be an official source nor part of the main PokeMMO team.
  9. https://pokemmo.eu/tos/ You were banned for sharing your account, you gave your account to a friend in order to get stuff done in it; needless to say, according to our rules only the owner is meant to use the account. You were not banned for "multiboxing" nor using multiple accounts. Do not share your account in the future.
  10. We do not encourage gambling. Please, read our rules carefully before attempting actions which are not supported by our ingame systems: https://pokemmo.eu/code_of_conduct/ https://pokemmo.eu/tos/ Any trades done outside of our platform will also be punished severely.
  11. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/ Asegurate de acudir a esta sección y explicar el problema que tienes con exactitud. Make sure to head to this section and explain the issue you'v got in detail.
  12. Hola, por favor utiliza estas herramientas de recuperación para poder recuperar tus credenciales, por favor utiliza una traducción al ingles dentro de los foros en el futuro. Hi there, please make sure to try these recovery tools in order to attain your credentials, please make sure to always add an english translation to your posts within the forums in the future. https://pokemmo.eu/account/?local=es
  13. You can use the relearner tutor located in any and every pokemon center to teach it Ancient Power.
  14. To put it into perspective; imagine a die with 30000 faces, only one of them is the shiny. Every time you encounter a ponyta you roll this dice.
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