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  1. SecretDjinn


    The PTS is used to test upcoming content for future updates, it's a public instance so anybody can use it, but only once it's made available. Notice how the server is closed when you login, that's because there's no upcoming content to test for now. Once it's made available you'll find steps on how to use it here on the forums.
  2. SecretDjinn

    Android Connection Issues

    Please take this issue to this link, good luck.
  3. SecretDjinn

    Regarding the ability 'competitive'

    Since it's a gen 6 ability and the current game only reaches content up to gen 5, it is not implemented as of now.
  4. SecretDjinn

    nao consigo entrar no jogo

    Se você está tendo problemas com o cliente, acesse este link. If you're having issues with the client please head to this link.
  5. SecretDjinn

    Perte de compte id email mot de passe

    Veuillez contacter le support via ce lien et n'oubliez pas de toujours ajouter une traduction en anglais à tous vos messages dans les forums. Please contact support through this link and remember to always add an english translations to all your posts within the forums.
  6. SecretDjinn

    Necesito ayuda por favor.

    Para recuperarla, si tienes acceso al correo de la cuenta a la cual estaba vinculado, puedes utilizar este link para recuperar la contraseña. En caso de que no recuerdes el correo o como ingresar al mismo contacta a soporte a traves de este link. Por favor recuerda que debes agregar obligatoriamente una traducción al ingles mientras utilizas los foros, ten un buen día y suerte. In order to recover it, if you've access to the email linked to the account you can use this link in order to recover the password. In case you don't remember or have access to the email linked to the account, please contact support through this link. Please keep in mind that you must add a english translation while using the forums, have a nice day and good luck.
  7. SecretDjinn

    Can I update the option to block players?

    Check this option under Settings>Video
  8. SecretDjinn

    Who can help me with this error?

    Please head to this section for bug related issues: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/11-bug-report/
  9. SecretDjinn

    HELP!!!! FATAL ERROR!! :'(

    Please post this issue in this section and be patient while the team takes a look at it, sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. SecretDjinn

    cant login

    Sorry for the inconvenience in advance, please make sure to take this issue to this section.
  11. SecretDjinn

    I need Answer For this

  12. SecretDjinn

    I'm a bit confused

    Correct, special attack makes special attacks scale, and attack makes physical attacks scale.
  13. SecretDjinn

    Question about Thief attack

    Stealing moves such as thief/covet are the most comfortable paired up with a pokemon with the frisk ability, you could use the move trick alternatively but it's tedious and in order to keep the item you'd need to faint the pokemon.
  14. SecretDjinn

    Question about Thief attack

    Generally using pokemon around the same level as the wild ones, or just mons with a very low attack stat.
  15. SecretDjinn

    Question about Thief attack

    Thief only steals items if the user does not one shot the enemy pokemon--You can only keep items from wild pokemon. The same interaction is true for covet among other moves with steal mechanics.

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