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  1. Help Me ;-;

    Please make sure to post these kinda threads in the Support Request section so that we can properly help you out. <3
  2. Merry Christmas!!!

    Happy birthday everybody
  3. Vanity Item Suggestions

    I need this
  4. [Art] Avatar drawing

    Just to give you a little more detail--You seem to be talented, wish you success! Edit: Instead of the goggles would you please put a band on the eyes?
  5. In order to evolve it you must trade it while holding an Electirizer--As far as i know, wild electabuzz have a chance to hold this item.
  6. Feeling cute might delete later idk
  7. Just a heads up c; Also i'm hoping the way of getting HA's is simple enough for players to grasp once they get implemented, this guide will surely help after they do.
  8. New bike skins

    Hey, it's not always about punishing, besides i just liked your idea c:
  9. New bike skins

    How about some flying carpets? 8)
  10. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    It's finally not him finding a new shiny.
  11. I wish you the best with this team, my friend <3 Maybe the name will reflect not getting ninja'd all the time. [Jk you're always efficient with every answer 8)]
  12. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    If you look above the Summary--"He" was there...

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