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  1. Looking for Ditto boxes 180k each, can do some 185k aswell, I need like 3-5boxes a day would like to have one or two sellers that got a little freetime this week :3
  2. first of all the encountered pokemon needs to hold and item not everyone does it you will get a notifcation in battle chat, when your first pokemon in your bag got the ability **Frisk** or switch it into the fight Like shuppet, Bannette, stantler etc got that. in hordes it only gives you the information that the encountered pokemon is holding an item but you have to attack each pokemon with thief to see who´s holding it with the newest update you´re allowed to kill the pokemon and recieve the item anyway (if its holding one)
  3. This will take some days maybe, just be patient they wont forgett you 😄 congratz btw :3
  4. unnecessary post.. Thanks to the staff team for doing Events and providing great Prices
  5. Hello, you talk about Catchevents? one is today.
  6. IGN: Darkoure as a Budding Chef Inspired from Pokemon Season 8 Episode 48, Hail to the Chef Our glorious Restaurant at Valor Lakefront with his Fivestar Chef Mr. Mime and his Rival Sneasel. Also thank you for coming my precious guests Katzukiangel, ARCHorstTwo, DaneCrone. <3 A Special thanks to Munchlax for not leaving this restaurant at all xDD
  7. Darkoure


    Rahnit is not allowed to win again xDD Can I join in your next one ? ^-^
  8. I would like to see an addtional option for the "Chat Sound Notification Options" We got a Highlighted Sound everytime a word comes up you choosed to get notifed of. for example: you write "charmander" into the list of words you want to be notified of, and if somebody writes "charmander" in global chat, you get the notification sound. EZ! But how about we add some colour to it? not in a way that players can write with colour, but those highlighted words ( Darkoure / Darkoure ) appear in maybe a choosen colour ( of course not for everyone, just for yourself since you decide which word you want to get notfied of ). Often I have to search the chat for the wanted information and sometimes I just cant find it so I give up because the chat is to fast especially if you´ve enabled all languages. I would be so grateful for saving time instead of scrolling up and down because I cant find that one word that triggered it. This Idea is not just an easier way to check the chat to farm Phenos or Swarms, it is indeed helpful, since we! The Community are helping eachother out already with calls it is also helpful for the trade chat or if somebody is calling your Name or even shouting "events. This way you can use more words to get notified of and it doesnt have to peep peep all the time- More possiblites more enjoyment. <3 Also a big ++ for people who have problems with hearing or people who are playing without sounds.. (maybe at night) and a huge help for Android players, because you don't see the chat all the time, it's even harder to follow. Thanks for reading :3
  9. Siiick Nak and Bank! Im hyped, thanks for notifcating me @EssDeeCee \0/
  10. Little mistakes happen, just get a good solve and keep going to improve those events! Take your time checkin those results :) in my opinion yesterday and today was pretty fun, its just little late for me xD 2 am starts 3 am ends.. x) still thumps up
  11. to many years , btw did they delete amnesia and lucky eggs with any kind of rework I came back from 2013 ?
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