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  1. :(
  2. - Template1 - Name: QueenJeanne Team: NØRE Render: Shiny Jumpluff Text color (optional): Dark Pink Stain color (optional): Baby Pink Donation: 100k :)
  3. take
  4. Me takes
  5. LEPPA
  6. @SalG
  7. cool i have 2 shiny tangelas in my bag!!
  8. waaaah thaaank you :D
  9. Choice of two colors: light pink and dark pink Name: QueenJeanne Team (Optional): läva Render: altaria or jumpluff :D
  10. OMG i love it!!! thanks so much :D trying to get a hold of u in game :)
  11. Item (Signature/Avatar/Both): signature Size: whatever is best for a sig Render: shiny jumpluff Color Scheme: pink :D Text if any: QueenJeanne Team: läva
  12. Text: QueenJeanne Team (If you want it added): läva Character/Pokemon: shiny jumpluff Background: anything pretty and pink please :D Animation: yes Donation amount (If there is one): i'll give you a pretty gift if you make it extra pretty :)