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  1. Just now, Sebat said:

    I talk with results, I support her like his friend and teammate, we had bad results, so the decissions were the fault, like any collective sport

    so, if you actually support her and think she can do a good work and only got bad results, why you blame gb for pick cali?

    i dont want to talk shit or something but what you are saying is dumb, if you dont think your friend would do a good work just say it, im friend of some of the managers and i would not pick them as manager for sure, dont care how friends we are

  2. 4 hours ago, NagaX said:

    I ignore u for one day? Wow, when u think stop lying? U write me at 4am and want a fast reply? I reply your msg when I see, give u a time to play and u say "No" hours later. 
    I wait in case u wanted give me another schedule and how u didnt, I write u.
    U accept play and after that want dodge me.


    Yea, I already expected something like that. What about a player who dont appear on deadline? Dont worry, gave him an extension.
    What about a manager who dont sub his player on a right time? Dont worry, gave him an extension.
    U said I dont do all posible to play, I reply the Kamimi`s msg when I see, and he reply hours later he cant because he sleep. I wait for if he want tell me another date/time, and how he dont write me, I msg him, explicitly saying "JUST REMEMBER THE DEADLINE". I wait HOURS for him today, and I dont do all posible to play? Ok, u actually do exactly what all was expected of u @gbwead.
    "...at the end of the day he is sia and kami is sia. I think there were similar situations in previous psls with him which is why no ones really thrilled that he’s hosting but it is what it is..."


    My situation dont change, I can play Saturday or Sunday, Saturday 10 - 20hs GMT -3, and Sunday 10hs - deadline.

    But dont worry @Kami , if u want dodge me another week Gb can gave u another extension.
    U are a sad person who want trashtalk random people because its the only way u want feel important. U have my disponibilities, write me when u want, all another msgs just be ignored like a random sad bully kid words.



    im in sia, i supose i have a good relation with kamimi, and i personally think you did more than kami and understand you but, for psl, its better to try to get both teams playing because it can change a lot for the playoffs, there were mistakes from bot sides, players and managers, and should get some punishment or at least take this in count for the future for the managers to get more information about games that can happen at the end of the week and for players to make sure there can be a problem and need to communicate it to the manager, u did more, but both talked on tuesday, there were like 5 days before that you bot should did it


    On 1/12/2020 at 2:55 PM, gbwead said:


    Don't forget to PM your opponent ASAP!



  3. IGN: Nahwel

    Motivation: win psl i supose? what more?

    Competitive Accolades: Well i supose my sigs can talk a bit about it but well, won 1 psl and before that one, played my first psl, and got best player of doubles and breakout player of the season, also got some first and second places on tours (and lot of ego with them?lol?)

    Other stuff: take it as a joke signup or as a real one, i dont really care if i get a manager spot, if i get, i will need to work a lot to make it to finals minimum, the 2 seasons i played the only thing i show is that i work a lot, because im a bit (too?) bad, not as bad as my english ofc, so other think i would need will be an assistant who helps me with that, the comunication and teamwork is really important


    just did it because friends talked me about it, i dont know if i want to be manager but if im picked i will do my best, so obviously if there are others that really want and can do a good work, just take them


    maybe adding some more shit later, who knows

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