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  1. tbh i dont care to be the host if its just to be the face and there is a real host team, at the end it would be just be the face and the decisions are from the team

    just dont expect me to make all the threads for my own xdddd

  2. im not wort to host, i would co host or be in the small council if the host wants and really takes in consideration what his co-hosts/council members ideas are.

    as im not playing i will not vote, there are some good ideas to do, we need a break of PSL for sure

    if the hosts/council makes the right changes/rules on World Cup, it can be a great tour

    i dont remember how are the LTS and Battle Associacion, i think i read some about lts and it was cool, should need to read them before introduce in them

    also, as im inactive i dont have a real idea of how are the teams now, last time i know about teams, some got problems completing roosters, TEAMS PSL is a cool idea, if the teams can make it to give a rooster and confirmate that they dont have problems to play all their matches, it can be good

  3. 4 hours ago, MaatthewMLG said:

    as my english is bad i would have so many troubles to host, also probably many people would dislike me hosting, and i dont have any experience doing it

    anyway i think i can help from the council/co-hosting (personal problems -if there is something-, being friend of some of the players or the team im in, would not be a problem in my decisions) 

    i think its too soon for psl, we would try with world cup or some other tour people want

    (world cup is a good one but it had too many mistakes in the past, but its normal because its so difficult, i think i can help a lot it to avoid so many of the problems it had)

  4. 2 minutes ago, Gunthug said:

    If you're saying that it's ok as long as it doesn't really matter, that's an extremely blurry standard and gives the host an enormous amount of discretion. Why not, trades are allowed and so is releasing? Very simple rules to follow, and gives the managers power over their own team

    i mean, i talked at the first of this psl about trades, it should be a thing but it wasnt and its to late

    also, i edited the other post, the player also didnt want to have any relation with that team so as its too late for make a transfer window, i dont see any problem with the release

  5. 4 minutes ago, Gunthug said:

    I'm just shocked the host who doesn't want to give managers the autonomy to trade players, is allowing a manager the autonomy to release (far more drastic, as a released player can't play anymore but a traded player still gets to). Both should be allowed, fwiw.

    does it really care? his team is practically out of the competition, and its too late in the tour for a trade, also the player said that doesnt want to have any more relation with that team if im right

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