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  1. [PSL9] One Punch Ape

    where are you, i dont see you from last week
  2. [PSL9] Week Seven

    shit match with rng and bugs, just can say: please fix the leftovers bug
  3. [PSL9] Week Seven

    me vs efronx in 10min
  4. [PSL9] Week Six

    OPA #1!!!!
  5. [PSL 9] Betting thread

    @giantpipe owes me 100k from week 5
  6. [PSL 9] Betting thread

    250k on me :)
  7. [PSL9] Week Six

    we ruined the moment, poor gb
  8. [PSL 9] Betting thread

  9. [PSL9] Week Five

    rendiz vs me on 10min
  10. [PSL9] Week Five

    go ch5 jj
  11. [PSL9] Week Four

    in 10min because ketze is off
  12. [PSL9] Week Four

    me vs sweendog after schuchty vs ketze
  13. [PSL 9] Betting thread

    200k on me vs sweendog 150k on apes winning the week @someone take
  14. [PSL9] Week Four

    axlkghost vs zhikodark on 10min

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