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  1. Nawe

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    Group A Africa vs Belgium 300k on belgium Ou: Goku vs Stelian 50k Uu: PoseidonWrath vs Mkns 50k Nu: MHKaserz vs TheBeldumMaster 50k Lc: Pinklabel vs Samoerai 50k Doubles: KingDomii vs MaatthewMLG 50k Spain A vs Venezuela OU KiwiKidd vs Necroskulldark 50k NU Makx vs abstractt 50k LC DarkQuiler vs Secrte Djinn 50k Dubs RealDevilLegend vs Cessy 50k Group D: China B vs Rest of Europe uu Mamowinez vs forfiter 50k nu bingonbvs Daryl 50k lc MingKa vs Orangemaniac 50k (if its the real match) Chile vs France B 500k on france OU Santiii vs MadaraSixSix 100k @DFire UU caanserbero vs Aerun 50k NU Aleso vs YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL 50k LC Redav vs Axoa 50k Doubles Sebat vs gbwead 100k @DFire player vs player void if sub, team vs team still continue with subs
  2. Nawe

    World Cup week #4

    go peruviansc
  3. Nawe

    World Cup week #4

    bad tourney of a bad game for bad players
  4. Nawe

    World Cup week #3

    with that u can see i have no idea of this so i cant jealous, still not uber for me, and seems like the "argentina no tiene counter" thing hehe
  5. Nawe

    World Cup week #3

    well, cant be uber if win all the weeks by the minimum and cant be jealous if im not playing, just making fun of some too random things people say
  6. Nawe

    World Cup week #3

    uber? how many 6 0 wins? also, how many 5 0 weeks?
  7. Nawe

    World Cup week #3

    wts doubles help whisp ingame or discord
  8. Nawe

    World Cup week #3

    zdfire vs rayuwu right now hehe
  9. Nawe

    World Cup week #3

    idk it, go see on week2 thread he comented in that (last pages probably)
  10. Nawe

    A Spanish Mayor of PokeMMO

    for me all that shit is a joke
  11. Nawe

    PokeMMO Doubles Teambuilding Lab

    @Zigh teach me
  12. Nawe

    PokeMMO-Player of the Year-2019

    what u talking, blissey cm, milotic modest, but ye, excadrill is too wall, fuck that
  13. Nawe

    World Cup Week #1

    nice europe is a country now
  14. Nawe

    World Cup Week #1

    this situation have nothing to compare with rng, so i dont see why you talking about that, obviusly if someone got haxed "gg wp" thats part of the game, things like internet/electricity or others are out of that, im not talking about give a rematch for every match that some player have problems and loses for timer, but in situations like this one, with a clearly winner (like everyone said, because i dont see it) i think a rematch is fair

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