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  1. Nawe

    Football discussion thread

    who needs ronaldo when you have courtois
  2. Nawe


    aca te obligan a hablar en ingles, te recomiendo poner una traduccion en ingles de lo que escribiste con google traductor asi nomas you need to provide an english translation edit: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/26-guide-tavern/ ahi deberias tener todas las guias que necesitas ///here you should have all the guides you need
  3. trades are needed, just do some about it, like give a time in the first 2 weeks of the psl to make trades and only 2 trades, so the managers can see if they need a new player for "x" tier, and like someone said in this thread before, give the power to the host to accept or reject the trades, the managers need to say why they want the trade with good arguments, and if 2 of the 3 hosts accept this, the trasfer can be made i dont know if it is a good thing, im just looking for options, anything is better than eliminating transfers i just said an option, dont need to be only 2 trades or 2 weeks
  4. Nawe

    Football discussion thread

    @Artemiseta enjoy higuain, this will be fun (posibly not for milan)
  5. Nawe

    Football discussion thread

    500k england dont win the world cup
  6. Nawe

    Football discussion thread

    england is bad zymo <3
  7. Nawe

    Football discussion thread

  8. Nawe

    Football discussion thread

    why would have aguero and higuain if you have rojo to score the goals
  9. Nawe

    Football discussion thread

    @Artemiseta argentinaaaaaaa
  10. Nawe

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    its some, but still a lot of comps who will be need rebreeded only to have the HA
  11. Nawe

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    why not just create an hidden ability pill, and give it like a possible reward for the dungeons or some like that?, what will happen with mons like the dragonite prize of the mewtwo seasonal and other prizes of the past?
  12. i dont read all, just the first coment of k9, but, i think is not good to give a oportunity to draft a team after all the others draft their teams, they have a lot of time to draft a good team (when the players who did the draft in the right time dont have all the time to think on pokemons who complements his others pokemons if other people already take the one he want) this is a first season, it is when all this things are tested and all that shits, im not talking about they take advantage of this, but for future seasons would be cool to not have team drafts after all the other players drafts their teams sorry if its difficult to understand my english
  13. Nawe

    PokeMMO Community Combat

    @Munya you cant change that prizes? (ferro/forre) and i want to ask, that 4 prizes will be for all the next months? or each month will change the 4 prizes?

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