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  1. Team Name: LittleVeterans Team Tag: Líve Registered Players: Mlhawk, ZDFire, Wiriketchup, yaritan, Nahwel, Banchoclos, xLuneth, orlandowin, LeviaTaNzft, XXNavii Team Captain: idk
  2. i reported some bugs and this is one of that, some mons that should be at 95 are lvl 100, they answered me and said that are looking for alternatives but there is still no news, even if are looking for them, please give me (us if some people was in my situation) some information. if this is giving you problems and that is why it takes much time (or other things), say it, or at least say that are not looking for a solution, so we do not keep waiting thanks and sorry for my english
  3. give us tourneys from other tiers >:v and give us our braviary >:v
  4. 2xou 1xuu, next month too, unless there is a significant change in tier / fix bugs or some other shits
  5. They did not say they give us a patch this week, they said that they would try
  6. "the bravest bird" no braviary rip
  7. Introduction to Competitive Double Battles

    i think that if they implement dark void, that will be with the gen7 mechanics, so... fake out best.
  8. Introduction to Competitive Double Battles

    but that shit cant be used on pokemmo right now, so... fake out is the best
  9. PokeMMO Community Combat

    and I wanted to play only those 2 :, v rip me
  10. Bank in the game

    people transfer the money, he breed comps and when some needs the money, he send his part using other transfers the perfect plan, at least at the beginning xD ye my english is bad but i think you can understand
  11. yes please i need that xD
  12. no te es suficiente con joder por wasap, tambien por foros :v translation for gilan: it is not enough for you to bother about it on whatsapp, also in forums shit translation by my bad english + google
  13. Kick Message

    yea, it's not fun to kick someone and he does not know what happened
  14. Tournaments prizes

    Why when the player is disqualified he does not receive his prize? that is shit, he played and won the other games, he should receive a prize for that. and I'm not the only one who happened, or the only one who complained, I think this should be corrected

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