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  1. thanks for the invite but im not joining, i dont have a free time like i had time ago, with work and other real life stuff i dont have the time i would like to bring to tours like this/psl or others probably i would play some matches but i dont know if i would play all, also i cant give the effort as i like/want good luck to all, hope you have fun
  2. Gardevoirs of the Galaxy (0) Vs Spared No Expense (0) OU: Bluebreath vs Drayyton 100k @xStarr NU: Sebat vs TheBeldumMaster 100k LC: Yettodie vs isperea 50k @xStarr SMOU: iJulianFNT vs Zokuru 50k The Raging Noctowls (0) Vs Drako.. Dracarys! (0) OU: ZDfire vs Luke 200k UU: Mkns vs MadaraSixSix 50k NU: JasonSparrowX vs Haazaa 50k LC: Stelian vs Nowall 50k SMOU: Kiwikidd vs ZeknShooter 100k LC: OscarFail vs Samoerai 50k Munya's Kecleons (0) Vs Dynamic Monkeys (0) OU: Nikhilr vs yeyoxD 200k UU: Killuminatis vs xLuneth 100k NU: Tawla vs Lifestyle 100k LC: Lazaaro vs yosoyarca 50k Doubles: Oltann vs Rendi 100k SMOU: Linken vs Kamimii 50k LC: Pachima vs Enchanteur 50k @xStarr The Beefy Bouffants (0) Vs Krafty Krooks (0) OU: Azzaz vs NotArchon 100k UU: Briste vs EVLGOON 50k SMOU: gunthug vs Souu 100k LC: Navetas vs Goldeneyes 50k NU: Zymogen vs xSparkie 100k @Zymogen void if sub
  3. Nahwel, o mandasela a Souu que me da penita el pobreton ese
  4. The Beefy Bouffants (0) Vs Dynamic Monkeys (0) UU: Aerun vs xLuneth 5k NU: Sejuani vs LifeStyle 100k SM OU: gunthug vs DarkQuiller 50k Drako.. Dracarys! (0) Vs Krafty Krooks (0) 500k on krafty krooks OU: Luke vs NotArchon 1m (only @Lvkee can take) NU: Hazu vs Butler 50k LC: Nowall vs Goldeneyes 50k Doubles: Lluvia vs Redav 100k SM OU: wonderman vs TheChampionMike 100k OU: LuisAnderson vs EVLGOON 50k LC: Samoerai vs xSparkie 50k to 500k say what you want The Raging Noctowls (0) Vs Spared No Expense (0) OU: kiwikidd vs Drayyton 100k @isperea UU: ZDFire vs EpicVerde 100k @isperea NU: Makx vs Lotus 50k Doubles: AlejandroGB vs Parke 50k Munya's Kecleons (0) Vs Gardevoirs of the Galaxy (0) OU: Tawla vs BlueBreath 100k SM OU: SweetForU vs Sebat 100k @isperea UU: Killuminatix vs Forfiter 100k OU: Lunarck vs Lkrenz 100k void if sub
  5. @dIOXprooo owes me 55k i owe 50k to @Zymogen that will pay when i start playing again, prob never
  6. that would be fine, also better if he starts a dictatorship
  7. true, i just dont care the meme we have rn
  8. why not have a meme mayor? i mean all this is a meme in a game, #rigamayor
  9. Krafty Krooks (0) Vs Munya's Kecleons (0) UU: EVLGOON vs urquidi 200k Gardevoirs of the Galaxy (0) Vs The Raging Noctowls (0) OU: BlueBreath vs Kiwikidd 50k @dIOXprooo UU: Umbra vs ZDfire 200k LC: Yettodie vs Mkns 50k Doubles: Julian vs AlejandroGB 100k UU: Yangsam vs Stelian 100k @dIOXprooo Spared No Expense (0) Vs The Beefy Bouffants (0) OU: Schuchty vs Hallen 100k Doubles: Parke vs RealDevilLegend 50k @dIOXprooo NU: Titinn vs Zymogen 50k @Zymogen Dynanic Monkeys (0) Vs Drako.. Dracarys! (0) OU: enchanteur vs Madara 50k @dIOXprooo Doubles: rendi vs Joalza 100k Doubles: chjul vs Tito 50k UU: xluneth vs Cristi 5k @dIOXprooo void if sub ofc
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