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  1. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    just use sweeps, walls are shit
  2. PokeMMO Community Combat

    I think, (like other players I talked), giving money + comps prizes is a good idea for the CCs, we hope that after this anniversary week this continue
  3. x2 Community Combats a day

    and differents tiers per day, i like
  4. PokeMMO Community Combat

    these days people are more "sensitive", because of the theme of "the game is dying" and other shits
  5. PokeMMO Community Combat

    because we have very few tournaments on weekdays, and lately the cc are usually canceled, the few active players are bored by it, and they end up complaining
  6. Event Suggestions & Feedback

    that is great, ty @Yohannovich, and ty for all the staff
  7. Event Suggestions & Feedback

    ty @Kudasai <3
  8. Event Suggestions & Feedback

    I understand that you (staff) do not have all the time to organize tournaments, but please, cc are not enough, and 2 tournaments nu in a row do not help much, please organize more tournaments for shiny (1ou 1uu 1nu 1dobles 1lc for week i think), the few players that remain "active" need incentivation, and maybe some inactive players will return
  9. [LTS] Donation Thread

    so... rip this
  10. [LTS] Donation Thread

    open the inscriptions now, while the donations are made?
  11. PSL Season 8 General Thread

    gb like all the dubs
  12. [LTS] Donation Thread

    because we are bored

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