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  1. i mean, i talked at the first of this psl about trades, it should be a thing but it wasnt and its to late also, i edited the other post, the player also didnt want to have any relation with that team so as its too late for make a transfer window, i dont see any problem with the release
  2. does it really care? his team is practically out of the competition, and its too late in the tour for a trade, also the player said that doesnt want to have any more relation with that team if im right
  3. when you create a dumb post to know what players dont want to play for you, and still happens xddddd
  4. so, if you actually support her and think she can do a good work and only got bad results, why you blame gb for pick cali? i dont want to talk shit or something but what you are saying is dumb, if you dont think your friend would do a good work just say it, im friend of some of the managers and i would not pick them as manager for sure, dont care how friends we are
  5. so, you saying that want to give the oportunitie to manage to someone that you think would be bad at it just because is your friend, and then blame others for pick him
  6. if they the same guy and played at least 1 game i would say its not pickeable for breakout
  7. im in sia, i supose i have a good relation with kamimi, and i personally think you did more than kami and understand you but, for psl, its better to try to get both teams playing because it can change a lot for the playoffs, there were mistakes from bot sides, players and managers, and should get some punishment or at least take this in count for the future for the managers to get more information about games that can happen at the end of the week and for players to make sure there can be a problem and need to communicate it to the manager, u did more, but both talked on tuesday, there were like 5 days before that you bot should did it
  8. yea i want to know the best doubles team too, something that cant be haxed please
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