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  1. well, the auction is more enjoying than some matches, by some i mean a lot of them
  2. wts doubles help/coaching services (if they caught you its your problem)
  3. please im the best, im still waiting to people give me the "player of the season" of last season, that prize was a jouk
  4. What is the PSL? The PSL is the PokeMMO "Super" League. It's an "exciting", team based event which features the "best" players in PokeMMO. And this is the DONATIONS thread. We need a lot of support with donations to make this PSL really special and good like it would be, send all donations to "Nahwel". Donations:
  5. lmao these posts, not going to read all that but, its obvious that we cant do something about coaching, read some thing about "staff is the only who can do something about it", but still they only can do something about the mmo chat, discord and other things are for sure the common ways to coach we all know that there is nothing to do about coaching, its not like we need to allow coaching, like some of you said, or going for the other side with the players who say "we cant allow coaching because its against what psl is" we need to understand that both sides cant be a thing here, and need to go for "rules" or other things to go to a middle of the both sides it will take time to go for the better for psl, making rules or thinking what to do or other shits, dont go to the next psl thinking it will be all right with no problems if next host says "lets do "x" thing to not allow coaching" i think i read some like "people who dont take the coach will be benched by his managers" well, it would be a thing of what i want to say with the "will take time" cant do something in the next psl about it if we go for the "allow coaching" option, but in future pslĀ“s there will be lot of ideas for sure to prevent it idk if its understandable with my shitty english but there you have
  6. tell us who the fuck is the shit host this time so we can trashtalk him from now
  7. lets see who will be the bad host now
  8. 50k he makes you wait to he win some money in bets or from the wc
  9. dont need to be mad to say that, im just making fun of that, and idk if i can play it so i dont care it
  10. more like "my friends dont need to play it i will give them a free spot" xD
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