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  1. hey 3 hours duel, he need a break
  2. the winner is the boss of Lìve, denle duro zorras
  3. lf semis #pochotitular
  5. He will come back as soon as he has money some day
  6. Show strategies to another player of the tournament, it is not mistrust, but it is not good, for next seasons, if the host dont participate, can be good
  7. yea, his skills are awesome, you know, skills=hax, this is pokemmo
  8. #hype
  9. if the rng wants
  10. take it, dont be afraid
  11. 1M on ZDFire vs giantpipe
  12. can register more of 5 players?, right? 2 subs for example, if any player cant connect
  13. Doubles: DoctorPBJ vs Sebat (why not) @JIceJDragon Doubles: Jice vs OrangeManiac (why not x2) @JIceJDragon Doubles: LordOfAngmar vs Sweendog @MknsZblex Doubles: Gbwead vs StriderXD (why not x3) 50k each, 1 take only, substitutions dont affect the bet
  14. Nahwel gmt -3 doubles ou uu #pochotitular @LuisPocho