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  1. I was standing right next to you with my character facing yours for 5 whole minutes waiting to creep you out. Now I see why I got no response :) Thanks for the info <3
  2. Oh hai thar friends :>> Join date: 2017-03-06 here. I've managed to dodge your overpriced GTL TMs that can be found in marts all around the 2 regions, got accustomed to the interesting breeding system and learned about where to find most of the "extras" that weren't part of the GameFreak games. Now it's time to pay attention to the players of the game rather than the game itself, so again, HAI :> Wish you all the best of luck cause I found 2 shinies (1 of them rare), IN THE SAME DAY, before I logged 150 hours played and karma is gunning for me fast. PS: I don't have access to the "Suggestions" forum and that is quite annoying. Please tell me that access to different parts of the forums is not locked behind "minimum posts" cause that is just an invitation for people to spam random stuff (like this entire post for example)
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