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  1. Paid everyone, soz for the delay, IRL stuff wasn''t kind to me
  2. Gbwead said : No Aw, no Sia, therefore, no chance to make it to play off keep it up krooks, gb is filthy, prove him he's wrong
  3. ez, just schedule your match on sunday and dont show up, pretend you did everything in your power to make the match happen, sub when everyone's sleeping and profit.
  4. It was settled that forfiter was going to host the PSL but somehow Coolio wanted to accelerate things and asked JJ to make it before. Ask him now, he'll tell you the same thing.
  5. Forfiter was meant to host the PSL, know your facts
  6. Compare it to sport then, there are more than one referees, or at least they got video arbitration. Everyone IN the psl except a very few agree that this decision is just dumb. I ain't gonna accept something so stupid and I'd do the same even if my team wasn't involved because that's just garbage and making the PSL irrelevant if you promote this kind of behaviour.
  7. #dumbcoolio #ForfiterWasABetterChoice #WhyCoolio #RewardTheCowardness #ImSaltyAF#HighInbredRateInNewZealand
  8. 1. Loose power when you're about to play your match 2. Sub a player when everybody's sleeping, few hours before deadline 3. Be rewarded by a no contest for fleeing your match 4. Hide behind that decision because you got not honour and scared 5. ... 6. ... 7. ... 8. ... 9. ... 10. Profit??
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