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  1. Belgium gunna rekt Colombia. Mk is way too sexy for that shit [EDIT] Saw he faced GODoubles, gl hf roflmao
  2. The Knights of Corviknight (0) Vs Eternatus' Pain (0) OUx2: KiwiKidd (0) vs Necroskulldark (0) - 100k each @Haazuu I owe 200k UUx2: JhowCrazy (0) vs xLuneth (0) - 100k each NUx2: SweeTforU (0) vs Tawla (0) - 100k each @kiwi I owe 200k LCx2: YeyoXD (0) vs YettoDie (0) - 100k each Dubs: Intimidoar vs Leviatharian - 100k Dubs: Intimidoar vs JulianFNT - 100k
  3. IGN: Hopy Motivation: Those who know me know I'm fully dedicated to anything I'm into. Gardevoirs & FRANCE A can testify it. Binding players together is what I'm really good at. Gotta win dis shit cuz it has my friend yetto in the name Competitive Accolades: World Cup 2019 winner. Other stuff: Drama maker & feeder, can cook, can make sig, 1.
  4. IGN: Hopy Time Zone (GMT format): GMT +1 Tiers: NU / LC / Double / OU (from prefered to least) Fluff: Stalling to the death.
  5. seems that you deserved thesewords. You're a disgrace, you've always been a disgrace.
  6. Paid everyone, soz for the delay, IRL stuff wasn''t kind to me
  7. 1. Loose power when you're about to play your match 2. Sub a player when everybody's sleeping, few hours before deadline 3. Be rewarded by a no contest for fleeing your match 4. Hide behind that decision because you got not honour and scared 5. ... 6. ... 7. ... 8. ... 9. ... 10. Profit??
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