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  1. Paid everyone, soz for the delay, IRL stuff wasn''t kind to me
  2. 1. Loose power when you're about to play your match 2. Sub a player when everybody's sleeping, few hours before deadline 3. Be rewarded by a no contest for fleeing your match 4. Hide behind that decision because you got not honour and scared 5. ... 6. ... 7. ... 8. ... 9. ... 10. Profit??
  3. Coolio, you still have a chance to make the right decision. They planned to play the week end like 75% of the players in PSL, you can't blame them. From my point of view, it's a robbery. We've been robbed, sub HAD to be made by xSparkie and not at like 11am GMT+2 when GMT-4/5 w/e are sleeping, jesus. People are fishing for a win without playing their match, it's disgusting, this psl is a mess, this whole thing is a mess. Back in my days when you had tournament (not only pokemmo), you played for honour aswell like @pachima said. That being said, you either make an extension, or you officialy become the worst host psl have ever seen like a dude you and me know; predicted already.
  4. I'll think twice about it when trying to be fair to some1.
  5. we asked for extension as soon as we knew axlk couldn't make it in time. Why would we sub our best player while he was there and ready to play. That would make no sense, it would disadvantages us. Be serious pls
  6. You pressured me while I said "I think yeah" to the said 17UTC. that's all I'm saying. And ask around in your team, some have done worst.
  7. What are you even trying to say ? You got logs ? Go ahead idiot Being fair is accepting an extension so they can do their battle. End of story.
  8. We don't give a damn about your opinion right ? If you're in a boxing match and the opponent gives a kick in your balls and gets rewarded for it, are you going to accept that because you're playing by the hosts decision ? let's be serious.
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