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  1. Was a pleasure to participate. I’m a joke in double and I never thought I could actually reach the 4th place. Roxxass mb gave me a bit of her strength ^^ well play to everyone. Thanks to the host, and ofc thanks to Roxxass, was a pleasure to be one of your friend. In France we got a proverb : « the greatest goes first » love you all
  2. Been afk for some days and saw this when I came back at home. During the World Cup we became close at some point. We talked about pretty much anything and I know she was into art like me. We discussed about music, drawings, ice sculpture, and a lot things that doesn't have any sense. I think that's something you do with good friends, you actually talk about non sense stuff and find it funny and entertaining. She was definitly someone worth knowing and her infinite kindness will definitly be missed. We knew each other since the World Cup only but yet we shared many moments and talked a lot together. I feel so sorry @calidubstep... I don't even have the words. I'd like to express, to you and her family my condolences. I would've love to do something to make it less painful but sadly there's nothing I can do. All I can say is I will remember her. If you need anything, lemme know, I'd be glad to help. "Amistad fuerte, llega mas alla de la muerte." Hopy.
  3. Once again, gratz to everybody, thanks to the hosts and Gg Columbia. As my fella said, my thought goes for Belgium! Its my my first really huge tournament since my return in December. I’m really glad I won it ^^
  4. I remembzr your sentence, you were saying you were surprised and glad Spain made it to the 4rth place something like that. But I guess moderator’s Spanish is bad
  5. That wasn't this sig I originally posted. I changed a week ago for the pokemmo World Cup Finale and the trophy is cuz we won 2 days ago. The background is not white, it's in PNG so it's transparent. It was made to be fun, not impressive x)
  6. Rule #1 when you try to be a nice person, don't remind others you're doing something nice for them.
  7. So, what you read is on my behalf but I guess France A gonna agree with what I'm about to write. So, winning this tournament was a real challenge here for us. Basically we were the outsiders of the outsiders. Beside Jaawax and maybe Rikoudo, none of us would have bet a coin on us. Same for me who I'm mostly known cuz I trolled the TeamSpeak and made a lot of friends there back in the days and my #unbanhopyrevenge; but not on my competitive skill. Getting out of the group stage was already a victory for us. We went through many complexe situations and that was really tough for all of us. We lost against Argentina and that was bad, we took like 1-4 and people were laughing at us because we weren't France B. But we never looked behind us, always looking for what comes next and in the end, we passed the group stage. When we saw the bracket, we were like.. Ok we've to face USA, then either Rest of Europe or Belgium and both teams are (close) friend to us. And then there was high chances to face either France B or Colombia in final if we managed to pass our side of the brackets. We did. In the end we managed to win 3-2 against Colombia, that was close and challenging. We did a good tournament and that was exciting all along. First of all I'd like to thanks the hosts, because none of this wouldn't have been possible without Roxxass of course, but OrangeBAEniac, Suigin, and BROmkns aswell. Sorry about the 2 dramas we had that might have been a bit boring for you guys. Also thanks making Pokemmo even more worth playing with events like this. Then I'd like to thanks our opponents, there was some incredible matches. I can't stop feeling sorry cuz some of you guys deserved to win the tournament aswell *wink*wink* Belgium & Colombia. And then I'd like to thanks my teammates, or should I say my friends, that was incredible to have you as partners. Hopy.
  8. Even though we never said that, that was a damn good meme. Laughed more than I should've
  9. @AurumPegasus Seems that "Thylacine is the best, Aurum is my bae" NU Tournament is coming soon
  10. GG FRANCE A \o/ I've prepared a meme before the match, soz fellas, GG anyway. Looks like a NU tournament is coming soon Aurum ^^
  11. Naniii, 2 days ago, what's your alt's name ?!
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