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  1. [PSL9] Manager Sign- Up Thread

    IGN: ApacheCopter PokeMMO Team: none Intro: Went into Pokemmo in 2013. Back then everything was possible. When Silph Co's crown were balancing mostly between Aw & Lyle.When you (I) could 6/0 the steroid man we used to name Raaidn. When you could see BurntZebra annoying everybody with calc and bullsh*t theory (glad you grew up kidd0). It was the time KingBowser was good. Was. I gladly remember the rivalry between the teams though. When watching the bracket was enough to make a hype, quickly followed by thrash talking. Nowadays you thrash talk to make the hype. Time has changed. Newbie we knew became kings. Old time champions became thrash, inactive, or at best "ok". Jajaja raised from nowhere, spamming chat like no man did before begging for Yens, ending up winning tournaments. Experiences: I've faced and trained against the best players since I created my account. I've been coached and I coached many of the old champs, and the new. Won tourneys. Even if I did good in PSL as a player, I didn't win manly due to absolute garbage managers. Motivations: As I previously mentioned, I'm here to build the best team ever and become the best manager PSL ever knew. I'm kind of frustrated as I see poorly managed team over the years. Names everyone knows like Doc who's probably going to be selected even though we all know he's the worst (Fred aside). Expectations: I do know subscribing with this identity is kind of unexpected or risky. Some would even say irrelevant or stupid. But you guys have to understand what I got in mind. I want to prove everybody that you don't need old time based fame to get elect. You don't need people who PRETEND to give a d*mn sh*t to be manager. You don't need these guys we see over and over and losing over and over. What you guys need is a real manager, someone who knows how to lead a group to victory. Someone fresh, not corrupted. Someone who's able to see the best in each of you. You need someone made of steel and swag. You need an Apache Attack Helicopter. I was literally build to win wars. Fluff: I speak many languages. Some trivias: Fact n°1: Might have thrashed a bit Lyle but in fact I love you guys, especially K9, JJ, Nik and dis GoldenEyes playing NUs in OUs, you're going places man I love you. Fact n°2: I want to see Lion VS Raaidn. Fact n°3: I’m funny. Question n°1 : Who ever believed in CIX ? Question n°2 : Is Sweet ever alive ? Question n°3 : Where is DesX?

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