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  1. should notice that 10pm utc+9 can't be the same as 5pm utc+2 there's been miscommunication i suppose between the two players.
  2. if it was indeed an emergency, we would have understood. clearly it was not. all he needed was one msg to us like to his captain that he needed more time. that's why squirrelmix waited for pachima 30 min cuz pachima informed ahead of the schedule. also why we had rejected match against poland uu. that is common sense. we feel disrespected period.
  3. if u have something to say, message me. he scheduled with us 13 pm gmt for the match. he told at 12:37 to bruno he'll have his match at 13:30 and didn't say a word to us. we are not fine with lack of communication.
  4. Match didn't and will not happen. Opponent didn't show up in time and I'm sick of trying to pull together these loosen ends. korea vs portugal uu match is a no go. It should be an activity win for us according to rules but I don't even care now.
  5. rewchanzzdfa vs xBadBones in 10min
  6. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-1127832987 squirrel won his debut match gg
  7. so far I haven't found the tutor for fire pledge in forum guides. would the npc have to be updated or is there a replacement?
  8. so far we only have access to music files right? I hope full sound dump comes out soon so I can erase all sounds except shiny particle :3.
  9. Korea - Rest of America SMOU - dSTnE vs Juanchorqui Saturday May 30th 0400 GMT
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