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  1. My colorable labcoat is not on sale anymore, please stop sending pm asking about it (; 

  2. I have a colorable labcoat too (;
  3. The Colorable Labcoat dyed white looks the same as a normal one, until u dye silver, which is a bit darker but is not the case here.
  4. Well, the normal labcoat will be more common now, this makes our Colorable ones even more rare (:
  5. League Name(s): Sk68 Server(s): LAN Main Position(s): Support/Top Favourite Champion(s): Jana/Lux/Lulu/Poppy
  6. I have a colorable one too (:
  7. noob gimme coat

    1. MrAesir


      Sure, gib me dnair

  8. *Machoke used Minimize*
  9. Name: MrAesir Pokemon: Espurr