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  1. I was quoting the in game ban list as of right now. Ty for the reply. Guess ill be waiting til next year or so. :/
  2. There are ALLOT of Sinnoh mons on the ubers list that are UU at best or LC. I know mons like Infernape, Empoleon, and Torterra are Sinnoh exclusives. But other then those 3 evo lines I thought the rest were going to be implemented. I am mainly asking if Garchomp will be available. I mean the chances of Sinnoh being added are pretty slim imo, and I think it is just being said that it will be added at a later date to shut Sinnoh fans like myself up.
  3. Wait. Is this a Joke? Holy Shit. This better not be a April Fools Joke. XD
  4. lol they cant be compared. Lets not start another Gen argument.... It should be much longer. Perhaps this is the real April Fools joke?
  5. As far as I know. PokeMMO is original and this update isnt changing that. According to you what makes PokeMMO original is that it had some Gen 5/4 items LOL. What makes PokeMMO unique is that you are playing a Pokemon game with people online. it is a MMO. If this were just any Gen 5 game there would be no people and youd be playing it on a Emulator or a DS.
  6. Seems everyones wrong but you Xatu? People wanted new stuff, myself included. Ofc I wanted Sinnoh. But atleast Unova comes with the Pokes I wanted and is something NEW. Maybe you dont get bored, but others do.
  7. Bit confuced. When the final product is released will we be able to use mains we used in 1&3 generations. or will we be stuck with this new account? Also if so can we transfer coins (ive been saving to breed for awhile now) Also will we be keep the pokes we made?
  8. Damn good job on this.

    Ofc id rather itd be Sinnoh. But hell I still gen gen 4 Pokes. Thank you.

    1. GiratinaXTrainer


      Where do we report issues? Gen IV starters dont open.

    2. GiratinaXTrainer
  9. I need the PTS client.... But i dunno where to download it. So is my fault.
  10. To KYU. What is needed to do this on Windows? im running a White Rom and a Fire red rom. it wont let me acess PTS.
  11. I mean lol. Its not Sinnoh. :( but its new content and I get my Garchomp. :)
  12. The bridge is entirely different. Its about as different as the Cycling Bridge in Gen 4 is to the gen 5 bridge. The Bidoof is a Gen 4 Pokemon.. This confirms Gen 4 Pokemon or atleast some are being implemented. Defog is from Gen 4. And most importantly the characters and graphics are just a bit different in Gen 5, so much so that if they go that route they will probably need to remake their hats. and probably have to Have two variations. Due to the fact that they are already using SoulSilver roms the hats and clothing would not need to be redone in Platinum. I suppose they could write over the B/W Character with the one from MMO. But would be weird.
  13. Easter is coming....... Lets hope theyve either forgot about Easter or are going to do some special event as a side release.
  14. It is not a "IF" we get Gen IV or IV/and5 Pokemon its a when. What point would there be in just adding the region?
  15. After doing some research I dont know why we were teased. There isnt a significant amount of legendaries yet, which they have said in the past that after there is well get a new region as they are natural progression. I wonder if theyve changed their minds.
  16. It is not a threat m8. I am impatient. lols. But it is sad, activity has dropped. :(
  17. I dont understand why they didnt start out with DS anyhow. SoulSilver could have been used as the main rom and thus we would of had Kanto/Johto. Wouldnt of had Hoenn but i imagine adding anything newer would be easier.Now they will likely have to rewrite it all. Nevertheless they do what they do and it is appreciated.
  18. Interest is dying in this game. Players quit playing. This has caught peoples attention but i bet it will grow old to most quickly as theres nothing to see. Then when it does drop so few players (compared to what they had) will play that it may not even matter. I will be surprised if people flock back, this game wont deserve a second chance then. Unless ofc it drops within days. Dropping it on the Switches release date would have been neat.
  19. A computer? No. Soon, usually means soon. A month could have been soon. A year is a year.
  20. For real when are we getting an update on this? So vague. Teasing it a week b4 release would of been nice. Has almost been a bloody month already. Update must be next year. FYI a Month WASNT SOON. It should of said "sometime in the future"
  21. It makes me hopeful that well get Gen 4 pokes no matter what, unless theyre trolling us. It would be stupid to just add Gen 5 pokes. However adding both Gen 4/5 pokes would be quite allot. Still rooting for Sinnoh, imo its a much more fun and better region by miles. 5 is like X/Y which is meh. Would be terrible if they skip it. :( Still any update is better I guess.
  22. So Perhaps a New MMO entirely... I really do wonder if well see a entire new game.... or if well travel between regions again. If they do **** up and add Gen 5 then i guess ill just hope we get all the Gen 4 pokes aswell.. Or you know they could pull a Nintendo and delete every pokemon currently in the game when you go to Gen 5. Since thats what Gen 5 did. I hope they are trolling us with that bridge. If they are trolling us all together and arnt even doing anything then that is really low.
  23. Anyone remember cycling road? that is a bridge. a big bridge. Honestly if they can do Gen 4 (or 5) then the other wouldnt be hard to make work. Since they will have already made DS roms compatible by then. TO KYU: Why cant you tell us which region itll be? I understand not giving a release date because you dont want to promise it but you could tell us the region.
  24. Let it Be Sinnoh..... The Qoute "Wed go straight to Aloa scares me though"... And the bridge.... Please dont let it be Gen 5. :( Gen 5 Is Shit. I think that even the Gen 5 fans would be happy with Gen 4/Sinnoh. While only a small majority of Gen 4 fans would be happy with Gen 5. Going forward is nice, Gen 5 is too far forward. Gen 4 has a great map, adds allot of pokes, and a massive new world. Gen 5 would be very weird, traveling back and fourth to it and Hoenn/Kanto. It wouldnt fit in.
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