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  1. Selling Bronzong

    Name: Bronzong Nature: Relaxed Ev-Spread: 252 HP, 50 ATK, 208 Def Iv's : (31,30,30,10,31,1) Attacks : EQ , Hypnosis, Gyro Ball, Stealth Rocks Level 50 Please make some serious offers below. TY
  2. pelipper / rain question

    ok ty guys :)
  3. pelipper / rain question

    1. Round Pelipper vs pokemon X - Pelipper sets up rain (Drizzle) -Pelipper uses Surf and opponent is switching to tyranitar. My question: Does the the bonus rain dmg of +50% count for the surf attack to tyranitar or not? I am really confused, cause tyranitar is setting up sandsturm, but in the moment pelipper used surf he had that rain bonus.
  4. Billion's Shop

    Slowbro Lv.50 Bold -- 31 / 17 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 11 - Curse/Yawn/Psychic/SlackOff // 700k
  5. Pokemmo is in decline....

    I just dont understand why announcing a new gen and then stop giving some information about it for months. First people get hyped and then bored :/. Isnt it better to work on something in secret and when you know you can finish your job (also with complications) you can announce your hard work. People just want a statement. Don't sell the skin till you have caught the bear.

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