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  1. but i really dont like cold ice cream. i am more the one drinking hot chocolate :)
  2. Where are my manners. I forgot something to say :/ @RysPicz ty for writing here @Tranzmaster ty for agree with my point of view @Tyrone ty for being part of this nice community i just want to say ty to all of you guys in love :)
  3. @Noctuar what is your mission? Kommst du noch klar? :) I dont unterstand all those topics: Are you in a midlife crisis? This is the wrong forum my boy. Play the game and wait till they finish sinnoh. Will be great :).
  4. Hello boys and girls is the "new" sherlock cap a limited vanity? (cause of the pikachu movie?). i dont get the point particularities :/. I am a bit confused :/ greetings ...
  5. After one week testing i am pretty sure that you guys of mmo calculated the flinch rate of togekiss wrong (60%). After 100 matches i am at a flinchrate of 89,...%. Even by comparing it to other moves like Focus blast etc. its way too high. Its a bit boring to play ou when the enemy plays togekiss scarf and just spam airslash and wins cause of that %. Hope you recalculate the move and make it real 60%.
  6. To be honest i am the last to say it, but the pumpking is way too strong. You can play around the first one. Its hard but you can do it. But the second one? Are you for real? He 1 shots all my pokemon (comp tyranitar,comp hydreigon,...). You get insomnia, after you wake up but its useless your 1 hit. AND Ancient Power is like 80%. And the last one is just the worst joke i saw. He is everytime faster when he has to be. then he hides and you cant do a shit. if he is low or knows next turn you will be finished just heal heal heal heal up. When he is full again he is slower again until he needs to be faster. To be honest "bad unbalanced work". Wondering how people without comps are feeling. Ofc it shouldnt be easy, but its completely pooped. I can jump out the window and hope there will grow wings. Same situation than battling your program. THUMPS DOWN
  7. and to answer gunthugs answer. by watching at several dmg calculations you see if it is too strong or not. Short answer: conkeldurr is strong but not too strong !"
  8. yeah i thought about special lucario. i dunno if togekiss serence grace is supporting flinch in mmo..!?!. if hydreigon runs charge beam and get the +1 porygon has to switch or hope focus blast doesnt hit. Even the combination of charge beam---->(porygon comes in) +1 SpA---->dark pulse---> draco meteor kills it. There are counters and checks for chansey but you are "forced" to deal with it. if you just prepare for normal special walls there is a high chance you lose. Taunt Gengar can beat eviolite chansey , but i think blissey can beat gengar with flamethrower/psychic. i think conkeldurr is like every named pokemon above your comment. once shown they terrify you. be smart predict the move or run dusclops/ cofagrigus.
  9. checks are based on prediction and then he has to switch out and counter means you can go in and he "has" to switch out (without taking much dmg) if you watch at the ou tier there are a view pokemon that are in the same position than conkeldurr. There are just a view "real" counter. volcaronas "real" counter is chansey/blissey. in every scenario you have to switch out. when you use boost you cannot kill it and if you attack while chansey got switched in, you can still not kill it. All other "named" counters are checks and based on prediction skills and hope the enemy doesnt run several moves. if you watch at reuniclus it's even harder. calm mind set is countered by haze milotic and mantine for example. but the problem with reuniclus is, you dont know which set he is running. if he is a trick room user with thunder or energy ball you lose as milotic or mantine. then trick room is only "countered (real counter)" by chansey/blissey. the other named pokemon like heracross, scizor,... are checks and it depends on prediction and reuniclus movepool. so taking a closer look: its hard to play against reuniclus without taking hard dmg. now conkeldurr: i would say cofagrigus and dusclops are "real"counter and its better for conkeldurr to switch out. and there are a lot of checks. again based on your predicion skill level and the movepool of conkeldurr. Kingdra in rain: specs kingdra kills ferrothorn in rain with hydro pump (high chance) and phys kingdra with dd kills chansey/blissey. mantine got destroyed with hp electric.high chance that Milotic dies to draco meteor with specs. hard to tell here a "real" counter, but the best option for checks in my oppinion are ferrothorn,chansey/blissey or mantine. After taking dmg you can prepare for checks. But there is a high risk for taking tons of dmg. hydreigon: "real" counter? the best option in my oppinion is again chansey/blissey (hard to tell here cause of the work up and superpower thing, but i would also say its more a check than a "real" counter ). the other pokemon "named" as counter are checks based on hydreigons movepool and prediction. chansey/blissey: there are rarely seen special pokemon who can beat that thing. cause of special bulk and even phys bulk you are "forced" to counter it. there are a lot more monster out there who are very scary if they once set up DD, SD, calm mind,shell smash if you now compare conkeldurr to all those pokemon. i think its more than fair to say he is in the same spot than the other pokemon.Super Strong, but not too strong!
  10. gyarados isnt a safe check. volcarona can run hp electro. dragonite is down vs hp ice. vs azumarill she immediately use an attack azumarill down. Reuniclus can run thunder (in rain team for example) or hits all thunder 70%.like i said you guys all expect the perfect set, moves and predictions vs several pokemon. your also forced to play around chansey/blissey, volcarona,reuniclus.
  11. and about the conkeldurr thing: If you ban conkeldurr, hydreigon is going to be too strong. same goes for excadrill and chansey/blissey. You can run evolite dusclops vs conkeldurr too. Weezing is also nice (without facade on conkeldurr). slowbro can work: 252+ Atk Guts Conkeldurr Thunder Punch vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Slowbro: 192-228 (48.7 - 57.8%) -- 57.8% chance to 2HKO after Leftovers recovery (prediction, speed of both, life of conkeldurr) wynaut with counter destroys conkeldurr if it doesnt got facade. (depends on the set) reuniclus works (without facade) gligar evolite (without ice punch on conkeldurr) salamence ,dragonite (without ice punch) skarmory deals a lot of dmg with brave bird. (depends on the speed of both and the life of conkeldurr,prediction) gliscor if you run acrobatics (takes everything except ice punch) cofagrigus and dusclops are the best safe counter if you predict thunderpunch,icepunch,facade or bulk up even scizor can kill it with acrobatics if you predict the fight attack even gengar can kill it. you guys write all the time the perfect set and prediction against several pokemon. then volcarona also has to get uber, cause the only real counter is chansey/blissey and rocks.reuniclus also has to be uber. with the perfect set (vs your pokemons) and prediction your pokemon got no chance.conkeldurr is strong, but not too strong. if you ban all the offensive pokemon, cause little kids dunno how to play around resis and predict bad, we get to the same walling meta like gen3.dont you think we have too much walling atm?
  12. Some ideas for chansey/skarm comb. -Gengar: Knock off combined with destiny bond ; Chansey switches in knock off bye bye eviolite. -Tyranitar/Salamence: Some dudes run DD on both combined with Fireblast. Yesterday i saw DD,Roost,Fireblast,Dragonclaw on mence. -another dude if you predict it well. Wynaut with eviolite. Predict the softboiled and switch him in. Encore him dead.After he got no Softboiled switch.Wynaut got some nice stats with eviolite. for status run safeguard.i think you can even run tickle.
  13. hey folks, i personally find the story and especially the E4 way too easy. Is it possible to implement an extreme mode? For example you finish the story and then talk with someone and start the story with your current pokemon again against level 100 pokemon (maybe ev-trained, nice sets). I know you can battle the E4 (level 100), but its boring to face all the time the same things. That would be a nice challenge and people definitely have to spend some time (ofc you have to refuse to make it easier for all those crykids).
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