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  1. Sorry, I like the game but I will stop playing, I will look for other similar alternatives. There are many similar games to this one where the owners are interested in the users.
  2. I want to ask now how do you take the $ from those who favored all this time from the berries? especially to the eastern community? there are many who favored berries and are incredibly rich, now how is there going to be stability for all players? They should do a RESET of the game since they want it to be fair.
  3. in the game chat window there is an UP down, you click right there and you do not have to bother the staff, if you have problems go to a psychologist.
  4. Hello! I would love to propose that the price of the seed extraction tongs lower its price to 250 per 1, to match the low price of berries of the new patch of the date 02/14/2019 which is approaching a destruction in the seed trade in glt and therefore many players will fall economically because that is the basis of their economy in the game, greetings!
  5. Hello! Could you enlarge the secret bases and let them put more objects? I would love a greeting ACERTIJO. Here I leave a file that contains the photo of my secret base. https://mega.nz/#!xoFQAYBb!M0BMtgyjMWeDGwY9krDF6pgY8byMBT9tv8_si8uT7-o
  6. Hola buen día, tardes, noches posteo para proponer que haya un traductor universal para todos los usuarios, tanto para local como global y privado, donde todos se muestren la misma escritura y el idioma para cada idioma, para el negocios o por el motivo que sea . Seria bueno un traductor para cada idioma para poder ampliar mas la comunicación sin necesidad en www.google.com/traductor , es posible que puedan poner un traductor automático que al hablar un usuario a otro se traduzca automática en su idioma? seria fantástico y único en un juego de rol y estrategia. Saludos! Acertijo.
  7. Any suggestions so that the planting and watering is simpler?
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