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  1. We brought the first point home fams!! Now the universe is back in order, as all things should be.
  2. I'm double posting here because who reads the week 3 thread in week 4?. Me vs axl happening in 5
  3. And that kids is why America is the greatest country in the world. God bless freedom. Let's have a great duel and may the best player win @AxLKGhost
  4. I'm sorry but that is meant for extraordinary situations, like those that would warrant an extension for instance. what happened here is not the host failing to plan for every possible situation. It's clear-cut what the rule says and you are going against it, you can't hide from that. At this point why have rules at all?
  5. Krooks. They won't admit it but even bofere the decision was made they didn't try to get one. Edit: Butler asked me not to put him in the same boat as his manager and NagaHex... That's saying something I guess
  6. ..... Is that a specific time or... (jk. I'd paste the sweet pasta but am on phone and ik it gets annoying so nolol) I will only keep doing it if Coolio doesn't react to the fact that he broke his own rules with that call
  7. ???? We scheduled the match (twice, first as sunday after 4pm and then more specifically Sunday at 10pm) and my opponent didn't show up. Where's my activity win?
  8. And those few are all Krooked Krooks
  9. Y se arma severo escándalo por eso y el arbrito no vuelve a pitar jajaja cuando es tan claro, además para evitar eso fue que crearon el VAR
  10. Depende de que tan obvia sea la falta bro, aveces no es claro. una patada en la cara la cobran el 100% de las veces En este caso es clarísimo lo que dicen las reglas que es exactamente lo que sucedió y coolio hace lo contrario, no tiene sentido. pa que putas tener reglas entonces?
  11. Except the big thing here is that said decision undermines the already previously stablished rules of the tournament. It's not even a matter of agreeing with him or not. it's that the host isn't being consistent with his own rules which is a HUGE deal. at thet point why have a "General rules" section at all? If you cant even follow the ground rules you stablished yourself then you and your tournament are a joke.
  12. But help me understand something, when the time comes and you post again that you're playin in 10... according to the rules this counts as setting as specific time (See the following quote) Image retrieved from PSL's general rulling thread But according to dictator @DaftCoolio it doesn't. Help me friends, as a gamer and citizen who should I believe? The rulebook that was written down since day 1 for a reason I guess or a dumb tyrant? I think we could use venezuela as an example, it used to have a constitution once but President Hugo Chavez and consecuently Nicolas Madure didn't give a shit and ruled against it all the time, now they dont have food or power. If you don't want pokemmo to suffer the same fate with pokemon starving and blackouts in tournaments in the near future.... #BenchCoolio #VoteJulianForMmoMajor2020 #ActuallyDontIWouldntDoShit #MakePslGreatAgain #MPGA #MyHashtagsAreBetterThanPsls #EnchanteurStillSucks
  13. This is straight from the rules. @DaftCoolio I DEMAND for you to be consistent with the rules you wrote down since day 1 for your damn tournament and back your argument that "posting is not evidence/confirmation of a time being set" it says it right there crystal clear
  14. too bad I was in vermillion the entire fucking day so not even that could save coolios' ass.
  15. And yeah Kami, I'm asking for them because he also agreed via whisper
  16. It's already been posted. Screenshots of the ingame mail, if someone says "I want to play prefearbly sunday after 4pm" and the other guy says "yeah, sure". Isn't that the same? @DaftCoolio
  17. And what If I said I was free on Sunday after 4pm? hmmm @DaftCoolio Around? Brother that ain't specific time @DaftCoolio punish that man
  18. So does this count as setting a specific time? @DaftCoolio
  19. Saying I said something which I didn't isnt unsportsmanlike like? That's straight up LYING. What about him not answering or doing nothing when asking to make a sub? Also both axl and sparkie had connection issues yet we were the one paying for it, im sorry what?
  20. No, the justificacion is a nation wide power outage, which imo is enough Your current decision sets an even worse presedent, as @pachima noted, it's ridiculous and abusable. Two things here, one, I dont see how axl asking to play rn and me agreeing and posting on forums, going to vermi 4 isn't seen as "setting a time" it's as clear as it gets. Second, the logs are less about axl and more about Sparkie's response to the whole thing, he claimed today that I said something that I didn't (Look a few of my posts back for the exact quote) which is straight up lying. The logs also show how hes made aware that his player isn't showing up, told about the venezuela thing (which he also claims to have learned about today, when he was in fact told yesterday) and also show me specifically saying how I had to work monday @7am, with all of this considered, his response was: going to sleep as I stayed awake looking for his player, then waiting for the next day and then making the sub, knowing that I couldnt make it on that time. If not scummy that is, at the very least, an unesportmant-like attitude on his part, contrary to the "great effort" he claims to have made to get the match propperly played which was one of your own arguments to call a no contest. How could a person put a lot of effort with good intents and be unesportmantlike at the same time? the answer is simple: it's not possible.
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