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  1. Why is laz such a chad :heart_eyes: Ok, I'll stop spamming now, sorrry im just bored :(
  2. smh those wordings aint getting you nowhere girl You need to either voice it out like a drama queen or play the blowing gb card
  3. I only said I needed to build the teams, not play em <3 Stop being bad :k
  4. what do you mean inside info you bad
  5. Lmao I just noticed that thumbnail Luke: Play OU Me: I sleep
  6. I won. what a fun pokemon game pt.2 #PokemonGivethPokemonTaketh uploading the vid soon
  7. smh I used the family friendly pic but they still deleted the post... dictator mods
  8. I see RDL in still very scared... HYPE. now next time in playoffs you go dubs2. Just kidding. You won't make playoffs. ps: if yall dont get it, its just happy banter git gut and qq
  9. EDIT: I was taking but nvm im dumb and can't read. I tot you were betting for dray to go possitive lol thats not happening
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