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  1. take af (Top 4 playoffs, right? bc there are 2 playoffs this season)
  2. Yeah, even as an avid doubles palyer there is no way in hell i bother to log for this bs prize. It's legit a new level of bad it's sad.
  3. I like how it's been two months since the tease and he havent heard a peep ever since. That's a pokemmo's devs classic for you.
  4. I appreciate Krafty Krooks. I'm not sayind Buffy Buffs is a bad name, It just didnt make my top 6, In all fairness though it probably shouldnt be in the same spot as pachima's name so ya, i'll make em 7nth and 8th respectively. I also think second grade kids are taught to understand that people have different opinions and that's okay.
  5. I dont need to understand deep dark memes hid behind a name's meaning to give my opinion on wether or not it sounds cool though
  6. My ranking by team name: 1. BlueBreath - Gardevoirs of the Galaxy 2. xSparkie - Krafty Krooks 3. MaatthewMLG - Spared No Expense 4. Enchantuer - Dynamic Monkeys 5. Stelian - The Raging Owls 6. Zhiko - Los Guerreros Z 7th and 8th is a tie, they aint bad names per se just not engaging really. Hey, at least pachima's team name is huge improvement from last season Aerun - The Beefy Bouffants Pachima - Munya's Kecleons
  7. 1m bet: Im gonna place the managers in two groups before even seeing the auction: top 4 and bottom 4. (No particular order) If when the season ends I have 5 or more in the correct group according to their placings you pay me 1m, If I have 3 or less I pay you 1m, If I have 4 correct ones, void. Top 4: Pachima Sparkie Blue Zhiko Bottom 4: Aerun Stelian Enchant Matt Another bet, 500k each: Ima predict the playoff teams: Pachima, Sparks, Blue, Zhiko, Enchant, Matthew. If you think either Matt or Aerun will make playoffs you can bet for them vs one of my picks, ie: You bet for Aerun to make playoffs instead of Matt. if that happens I pay you 500k, if Matt makes it and Aerun doesn't you pay me 500k. If both make it or both fail then the bet is void.
  8. Lol. Everything about that is wrong. Just a month ago hopy led his team to a world cup, he was the Captain. He's proven his competitive knowledge and ability to manage a team. Lotus has played most 'new era' psl's is a well respected member of the comp community and has his fair share of accolades Lifestyle not being active? Lmao that's why he has two accounts in the top 20 ranked ladder, won the ou shiny bagon tour a week ago and rebuilt one of the most stacked competitive teams in recent history, which btw, is also pretty active as a whole.
  9. IGN: iJulianFNT Timezone: NYT Tiers: SMOU | MMO DUBS | MMO OU | Anything really, Something else to farm likes: Big couple things for you to consider if you are thinking of buying/picking me: 1. I'm in finals rn (college) so the first two weeks of the season ima be irresponsive. ofc I can spare an hour to pick a team I've already built, plug it and play my match (got like ~8 prebuilt dubs teams). But I won't have time to do anything else (prep, talk shit in discord, etc). Because of this, I will only play dubs these first 2 weeks. It also would be of great healp if you sent me screenshtos of my opponents past teams so I can pick the team to use in a more intelligent manner. usually I scout myself but yeah, no time. 2. after I'm done with finals (week 3 to playoffs) ima have a lot of free time and one of the things I wanna do with it is hitting top 10 in smou and once I do I will want to play that tier for psl aswell at least for a few weeks , so please dont buy me if your plan is to have me play dubs through the entire season, I love diversity of play. I will also be able to fill other mmo tiers if needed, specially if sinnoh and some has/legends come out in the middle of the season because I consider myself a creative builder capable of playing any tier if given the time to prep (which I will have after examns). That's it. If you cant bother reading 6 lines dont buy me either because I love me some drama. much love <3 Finally, coolio is bad rip fluff and most/least preferred manager. EDIT: yall bad like my grammar
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