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  2. FNTCZ

    A very salty boi

    LF Continental Crush
  3. 2x31, 4x28 would be fine, or 3x31 3x26 right now competitive prizes are more trophies that anything else because they are lackluster in battles, specially walls that are forced to have -3 stat points on either defense at lvl 50 wich can be crucial when calc'ing certain 0HKOs or 2HKOs, the suggested ivs are not that big of a step to the current prices but it's still pretty noticeable ingame.
  4. Where? Either it is a super old thread or something because I cannot comprenhend people being against this. Also, again, at least for the 2x0 mons... why not make them 4x29? It is the perfect solution
  5. Can you guys let people make 32 man LC tournaments already? Every single one of the last 10 LC tours (Yettos and CC) has has people who couldnt play because the tour was full. More than 16 people want to play the tier, thank you.
  6. You could also make it 2x0, 4x29 to compensate... that would be GREAT
  7. wait does that mean that you can just set Y = 28 and make shiny prizes a bit more competitive (4x28) ... why dont you?? at least make them 26 since thats an extra point in uninvested stats at level 50 (since you pick 31 for the stats you are eveing on)
  8. Honestly I preffer those IVs for a mon that needs 0 speed (Also 0 spa doesnt matter), I like the experiment and hopefully it can be applied to other pokemon, specially trick room pokemon for doubles (25 speed amoongus and torkoal are basically useless), still @Havsha EDIT: Obviously it would be ideal if we could get 2x31, 1x0, 3x25, but if you make me choose between 2x31 and 2x0 for these specific kind of pokemon, i for one take the 2x0
  9. So. Close. Fuck. Rip the double protect through para :/. Hopefully we can get doubles tournaments more often, ppl are really liking the tier (Last Tournaments and ccs have all been full)
  10. FNTCZ

    MMO UU Teambuilding Compendium

    Randbats.... I swear i always get that shit mon in my randbats..
  11. FNTCZ

    Pvp double battles.

    Plus, the transition from OU to doubles is way easier than the transition from OU to UU or NU. EDIT: In terms of the comps/resources you need to play a tier
  12. FNTCZ


    In-game name: iJulianFNT Country: Colombia Tiers signed up for: all
  13. FNTCZ

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    But gift pokemon can't be bred so they aint being sunk tho
  14. FNTCZ

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    Ok, I missed that one on his later response, my bad.
  15. FNTCZ

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    Ok, thank you very much. Just one more, simple question: Are you guys currently and actively working on the project or is it still on the side?

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