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  1. smh why'd this 100m+ tournament have to come down to the worst tier in the game...
  2. 0.5 because as I said, I only used 2 twaves (one on a ground type so It didnt matter) and 2 glares (which cant miss) then you're left with 4 dracos, if your only hopes of winning is that i miss one of four dracos, you cant call it hax. Another expected thing to add on top of more expected things? It's not hax if what you get is the expected result. Yeah, theres a huge difference between "Sad I didnt get lucky" and "Sad I got haxed" Again, you are complaining that you "could've gotten a flinch", "could've gotten lucky" which, once again, doesn't mean that you got haxed, just had an average luck game that didnt go in your favour. The 2 misses (I honestly dont remember the third one you say) one on milotic that wouldve lived (and ye id be fucked if I got flinched but thatd be you getting lucky, not what would happen most of the time) but then milo wouldve been able to outspeed the parad exca and reuni next turn (assuming you hit but didnt flinch) and recovered, the small rs damage that it would've taken wouldnt come into play for the rest of the match bc milo was kept above 80% from that point onwards. the miss on toge was on a turn it roosted so it wasnt even supereffective (exca was parad and outsped), it was bold toge and it had screens, that wouldve been very very little damage Also I forgot to mention it but I missed an airslash on exca in a turn where it did 40% damage to kingdra, had I not missed that airslash I had a 7/10 chance of paraflinching exca, thus keeping kingdra at full hp, had kingdra not been chipped that turn, It couldve lived looms seedbomb/sp and I'd have the win secured by not having to use followme on toge and instead airslash + draco on that last turn (decreasing the chance of missing either draco or airsash because id only need one to hit) "I didnt get lucky" Isnt a fair excuse because honestly, I feel neither did I, we both missed attacks (rs vs airslash-muddy), you got a flinch, I crit a 0atk invested waterfall, if there was any hax in that game it went on both sides, it only looked worse on yours because of the build I used which kinda forced it (by spaming paralysis + airslash)
  3. So yeah, no hax, just team building and basic probability.
  4. Yo Oscars win was ultra haxy but mine wasnt lo #finalshouldabeenbo3qqqq
  5. iJulianFNT vs Kragy (Colombia vs France A) - Doubles starting in 10 minutes
  6. Title, It used to be that when you queue up for matchmaking while having a pokemon following you it appeared on the 'pvp saloon' it was removed because scouting and reveals, can we have it back, always seemed like a cool feat
  7. Cuz we still got first despite losing to them on the last day, hehe get fucked
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