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  1. Damn I asked blue not to put me in this week before even knowing which team we were playing bc I was pretty busy as of late and cba playing r1 of the bottom 4 playoffs. Then I come check this thread and see am vs frags.. I just cannot say no man, that's too hype even for the trash side of playoffs BRING IT ONNNN @Frag
  2. Damn not even niks bail could save me It's funny how the worst on paper team made it and the "best one" didnt. I will pay once some gtl stuff sells and I stop being ded
  3. When? I must've been really drunk fuck me
  4. PSL drama is so boring when it doesn't involve me
  5. Also btw, im sorry but as a host, you cant say this. you're clearly taking a side. This morning, befor any of this shit went down the voting count was pretty even (130something to 130something) with einstein just slightly ahead.
  6. And who will decide which "further actions" are to be taken? you again? lol.
  7. Im sorry but that is totally wrong and pulled outta nowhere.
  8. dw bro we're actually removing the election alltogether
  9. Deppends on the country I guess. I was just reading about that just a second ago and in the US it's been recently allowed after the expansion of the fifth amendment to protect corporations in 2012. In Colombia by contrast (where I live) it applies to all companies, public and private and it's actually quite a big deal every time there's an election
  10. why would anyone hate bestfriends??? Hes an innocent soul
  11. As keys said, they have promoted Einstein him as a team, which is conceptually wrong. If LifeStyle wanted to be mayor I wouldnt vote for him just because hes my team's leadder. If he joined forces with umom I still wouldnt vote for either of them. and I shouldn't feel like I had no choice on the matter if I wanted to vote any other candidate.
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