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  1. I even believe the whole opposite: better IV shinies > more people buy low tier shinies to breed, trading becomes more active > less (and better) shinies overall Basically a two front economy with inputs (decent IV shinies that are used to breed) and outputs (comp shinies?) with their respective balancing in prices.
  2. FNTCZ

    OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    No matter how he built blissey it still allows conk to wreck his team (specs psychic lo.)
  3. You can use level 100 pokemon after you beat the Elite 4. @leo123
  4. FNTCZ

    Machamp Help

    yes, me too
  5. FNTCZ

    Draco Meteor

  6. FNTCZ

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    Where does it say that the first dungeon comes with this very update? (geniuenely curious) If that is indeed the case then it's obvious they have their plan figured out and will let us know soon-ish
  7. FNTCZ

    Hydreigon & Draco Meteor

    You shouldnt really run that mantine spread. you should have at least enough spdef not to be 2hko'd by specs peli huricane, anyways you didnt take lefties recovery into account for your 2 turn damage arguments either. all things into account I think we actually have enough tools to deal with draco meteor hydreig (offense sets up on it once it's fired off and stall has chansey, mantine etc)
  8. are you sure is has nothing to do with the weird 'downloading update, 0/-1B' (see screeshot). because it seems that the download is not paused but rather it never starts (it doesn't appear on the notification bar). As I mentioned I ran into this problem after the first update the android client got but I could work around it by re-installing the app, so it seems like the main download and instalation is fine but the issue happens only with secondary downloads (updates, basically.)
  9. I ran into this problem before (after the first andtoid client update) but I could fix it by uninstalling and re-installing the apk so i said meh whatever. but now even after doing this the game says "An update is avalible blabla would you like to install" and when clicking "OK" it flashes for a second "downloadig update.. 0/-1B" (screenshot: https://ibb.co/jkt6V8 ) and instantly goes into "download paused" and stays like that forever. now I am connected to wifi, I have no apps updating in the background or anything but pokemmo would not update and there's not even a button to 'resume update' (even tho it pauses itself so idk) I have a huawei P8 lite.l, my version of android is the latest I believe (or one of the latest at least) and I have sufficient space.
  10. Sorry, a bunch of irl stuff came out unexpectedly this weekend. I don't think I'll be able to play pokemmo at all. :l
  11. kyu confirmed that a toolbar will be added with the next version, however please dont make it as large as the pc version (for proportion's sake because the mobile screen is obviouslly smaller). with this I mean dont make an 11-item toolbar as it is on the pc-version right now but only three or four boxes instead. the point of this idea is for the less individual boxes to be able to be larger in size as 11 boxes would be, and thus make a better fit for mobile gameplay.
  12. FNTCZ

    PLEASE rebalance obedience levels on kanto

    Actually I agree. I think it does more harm that good to the game. SPECIALLY vs the E4. (The rest of the sotryline and gym fights it's actually ok, it makes the game more interesting) but I know plenty of people who started playing the game and have literally quit because they couldnt get past the E4. to put a very close example: my brother. he loves pokemon games, hes gone through the gba and nds storylines time and time again, he loves online games and mmos so pokemmo would be perfect for him right? ofourse. until you hit a wall. players in the process of doing the storyline don't precisely have access to high tier pokemon or money. I even lent him some comps but he still couldnt get past the e4 becase he got overleveled (my comps are level 50) and because he didnt have enough healing items which imo are quite expensive. If the excesive difficulty of the game near the end of the storylines is capable of drawing away such a harcore player, who in theory would be the perfect fit for the pokemmo player persona (likes pokemon alot, emulators, online games, mmos, reasonable difficulty) then it makes you wonder what it does to more casual player. I believe pokemmo as a game in general has a lot of potential, but gameplay designs and choices like these are only harming said potential. If the game is missing its target audience then it makes you wonder what happens when it hits other kinds of players/potential customers. The staff has said time and time again that pokemmo is not only the competitive aspect, thats what simulators are for. there is the shiny trading and the community aspect now I ask you: why would a player whose goal will be to trade shinies have to go through such a difficult E4? I certainly think it is excesive and a bigger problem than it is given credit for. @Kyu @Desu @Squirtle Tagging you all because I don't know who's responsible for gameplay design but I also think this is an issue that is directly related to the company's long term goals and playerbase growth. Also in my humble opinion I recommend that if you are going to do something about it you better do it fast because you are releasing the game in a new platform (Android) and once you pass to an open beta you will touch a whole new market of mobile users, who by the way tend to be more casual, and then it comes a horde of new players and it is on you to keep them playing instead of having them quit after a week. I'm 100% sure that you are aware that first impressions last and the time when you first enter a new market is perhaps the most crucial of all when interacting within it.
  13. So using a random 7 days donator status will suffice, right?
  14. FNTCZ


    If a friend user a donator status ticket today. will he gain access to the closed beta or is it too late?

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