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  1. It's me. Team: ggNORE PSL History & Competitive accolades: I do good Motivation: I wanna smash all the other pleb managers
  2. Wait. Did coolio ever give out last psl prices? Lol Also tbh I'd say it's too soon for yet another one but oh well..
  3. Lf a contender team to play this. Hmu with your lineup
  4. Idk what Lluvia being a tard has to do with the tier but ya
  5. #besthost It seem he can kick anyone he wants anytime.. hola tyrant May I also add how saying "get fucked" is ultra mild and not even an insult or unsportsmanlike?? Lluvia is acting as if gb threatened his family or something
  6. Lmaooooo Step 1: Host a tournament and gather donations Step 2: dq the competition when they kick your ass Step 3: keep the donations ???? Profit.
  7. Why is dubs included in this? It is not a tier @gbwead
  8. Yes I already have many girldfriend in POKEMMO like @calidubstep and @DrButler
  9. mfw lc has like 10x more bans than any other tier xd why not just reset the tier at this point lo...
  10. As long as they don't fucking try to implement Jhoto or migrate to xbox or whatever before we get dungeons then I'm fine with it.
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