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  1. Ichigo

    Rework Amnesia Brace

    Agreed. Is there a reason of why it isn't trade-able? I mean this item is needed atm in the game and only way to obtain it is by buying it yourself ;/.
  2. Ichigo

    [MOD] Generation 5 Follower Sprites

    it's removed !!! Please give us a link that works.
  3. Ichigo

    Akshit's Asylum [EV Training / Vanity Items]

    Amazing service. This guy gets the job done super fast. Would recommend anyone in need of a ev trainer to make use of Ak's services.
  4. So after a lot of encounters and continuous hunting I finally got another ot. I have been hunting really a year now on my alt and had over 100k for sure on it. On my main I spent about 8.7k leppas hunting duskull and boldore / axew. Finally smth showed up :'33
  5. Ichigo

    what happens to current GTL listings

    Can't really call it a lucky egg anymore if everyone gets one lel.
  6. I like the obedience caps. Like before if your mon goes over the cap u couldn't use it. Now it'll stay on the cap till next badge which is cool. It's better this way cause you basically go out with a team instead of a fcking over leveled God mon from the previous regions. Made the gamplay fair for everyone imo.
  7. Where you been hiding bro?!
  8. The update it's okay. In all honesty I'm not really fond of it so far. The only thing I hate is that there is more bullshit talk from npc then hoenn. It'll probably take 3 hours to listen to all the shit the npc has to say. Even when I spam space the fckers don't wanna stop talking.
  9. Boldore looks fcking amazing
  10. Absolutely gorgeous. Gonna evolve mine too.
  11. Nickname of that is just perfect.
  12. Ichigo

    must be update hype

    My bad ;'/

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