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  1. I feel like pokemmo needs to have more updates and events to keep people regularly coming back. So often I see players (like myself) who have played for years leave for months and log back in for a day or two and then leave again because the only thing to do is stuff that has been implemented in the game since day 1, give or take a few things. I wish I could say that the community is still the same, but it really isn't. I miss this game. That being said, I wouldn't say Pokemmo is dead. I don't think it will be completely buried for a very long time, so long as people keep logging in with hopes of something new.
  2. Welcome to PokeMMO! :) Which region did you start in?
  3. Whether you enjoy AFKing in Vermilion City with your Shiny Pokemon at your side, or enjoy the simple memes of Channel 2's chat while farming Pokeyen, all of us have a place we prefer to be while playing Pokemmo. Which channel do you most often find yourself on? What's your go-to?
  4. I bought a Pumpking bag for 1.5 mil just to see what i could get and i got 15 dusk balls. KMS Personally, I'd probably just sell the special candies anyways.
  5. Recently, I've been thinking about the positive vibes that PokeMMO gives me when I play. Naturally, I wanted to know what everyone's favorite thing about PokeMMO is. What keeps you coming back? Friends? Determination? Lets share experiences!
  6. No worries at all, hope your issue is resolved smoothly :)
  7. It's the same link that @Antarhg sent, even if you didn't use a bot, you should still create a post there so a Mod can help you.
  8. I wouldn't be worried, if that's all you do with the account, post a ban appeal in the right forums section and a Mod will contact you and make it right :)
  9. When I started, I went in order of how I played the games growing up as a kid. Nostalgia made it more fun for me, so i would suggest doing the same if you think it would be fun for you. Once you start a new region, your pokemon will be sent to the bank. Their levels stay the same, but you will only be able to withdraw them from the bank if the gym badge you have in the current region allows you to.
  10. Finally back to Pokemmo after a long healing process. ⋆I'd put everything down and ran away from my problems about a year and a half ago, unfortunately getting hurt in the process. Went off to college, got a job and "grew up"...but i'm back! ⋆I've noticed that there have been a lot of changes to Pokemmo, for the better of course. I can't help to feel sad about the friends that haven't been online in years. Hopefully Pokemmo's population will flourish again.
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