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  1. let's leave the conspiracies and hate a certain sector that gets money in a way that others don't like- close the post,
  2. great success to compare the value of the berries with air balloon bug, it was a great joke and following the thread of the conspiracies, I have a more accurate and logical: many of the limited items have risen to more than 100m, it is logical that new items fly by the mere fact of being limited, even if people don't finish it liking the new item u will buy it just the same 'cause it ensures a high value in time. I insist that ur intention isn't to balance the economy of the game, cause if u have limited items u will not be willing to lower the price to keep your sayings. that u don't agree with the method of making money of some people does not transform it into something that shouldn't exist, as long as no illegality is incurred, the time and money that people invest in u shouldn't matter to u.
  3. u r wrong, the rp is expensive 'cause now extra taxes r charged. I also believe that ur problem is with the rich people directly, they r to blame for the poverty of others ?. I'm very sorry if u are too late to get resources, but devaluing the effort of others to u will not make u less poor.
  4. The post was a kind of diplomatic complaint to one of the many nerf that the grower received, some justified, and in this case I don't agree, every time someone finds the method that seems comfortable to make money in a manner more in line with their times, it ends up receiving a kick. I know it will not change anything, but the "contempt" to the time and care of the berries that we know how to get day to day hasn't fallen well
  5. I believe that as long as someone doesn't use illegal programs, to take advantage of or waste time in getting money, legally and without buying for coins something that is worth millions.
  6. ty pokemmo... for taking away the desire to grow berries
  7. I use that swablu in 2018 lol
  8. ty for showing the calculations, now I know it's not worth buying exp charm.
  9. great, I hope u can modify a topic because I want only a specific change
  10. I want a theme,ur work is excellent *clap* *clap* *clap*
  11. I managed to make it work! Zelda1 Zelda2 but, is edited on the deafult, and every time it is updated the theme is deleted, a shame :/
  12. I understand, I particularly have caution on my account, the double authentication is over, naive people make the mistake of trusting who shouldn't. I repeat that my question is about whether it's an error that the same pc and ip be taken as an unknown device, because it is very annoying to authenticate 3 or 4 times a day
  13. I very much agree with the multi-factor authentication. but since it could have been from the same PC and the same IP, I realized that I enter from a different device, it's really annoying to be all the time with the mail by hand just to put the authentication code. Will it be a solutionable error?.
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