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  1. Manager: Zhiko Captain: Haazuu Members: Luke TiToooo NoWall  Lluvvia Samoerai Cristi  Joalza LuisAnderson wonderman ZeknShooter MadaraSixSix
  2. Dude you cant judge my team name, you trash team was named VGC
  3. You talk a lot, and whenever we played I raped you Thats why you hate me
  4. I hope you get a manager spot so you will be my perra just as always.
  5. IGN: Zhiko Motivation:I played psl 2 times and both were horrible experiences with very bad manager (predakiller and evlgoon) that's why i want to be a manager to build a solid team and win this psl which is one of the few thing that i need to win Competitive Accolades: Other stuff : Tangelas #1
  6. "#FreeZhiko" IGN: @LKrenz IGN: @yosoyarca IGN: @ camilo7 IGN: @Zhikodark
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