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  1. All the best @Roxxass! I have made a small donation.. hope u find it useful :)
  2. Aldroc


    In-game Name - Aldroc Forum Name - Aldroc Country - India! Tier - OU Discord - Aldroc#1231 @Nikhill @NikhilR @RedDragonERa You know any others @Akshit?
  3. Aldroc

    Shiny Showcase

    You still haven't changed my cool to cruel :(
  4. Wee I was already supporting Takens original thread so I'm really happy this is getting some exposure now♥ Also India FTW!
  5. Congrats @Obvi!!!
  6. Aldroc

    [läva] Team läva

    Happy New Year Läva! May 2019 be your best year ever! Love you guys!♥
  7. Aldroc

    Top Anime

    Lol xD
  8. Aldroc

    [Screenshot] General Screenshot Megathread

    Oof lol... Don't ask me how tht happened... Cuz I don't know xD
  9. Aldroc

    [läva] Team läva

    Congrats team!! THAT... is some amazing art!♥
  10. U mind posting the team? (Like with EVs, nature's and complete movesets). Also do you still do only hoenn?
  11. Aldroc

    Book Thread

    There are a lot of interesting stuff around lol. If you could help out by specifying your preferred genre, it will be easier to suggest stuff. I've read a LOT of books and am not bound to a single genre so I can recommend some good stuff.
  12. Aldroc

    Book Thread

    Has any of you ever read the Mistborn series? It is so damn underrated.. Go check it out! You won't be disappointed. Also now that I've discovered this thread, you're gonna see me around a lot here lol xD
  13. Aldroc

    RakuenX's Signature Shop

    Could you please make one for me too while you are at it @RakuenX? Aldroc - Officer Läva Thanks a lot!
  14. Aldroc

    [läva] Team läva

    I wanted to be there too..! T_T It had an awkward timing for me so couldn't participate :(
  15. Aldroc

    Shiny Showcase

    Ez pz :P Found him while fishing for heart scales lol xD P.S. it held one :)

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