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  1. One of the best breeders around! You can't go wrong with @Spxter! Also, quite a good guy too :)
  2. Lemme jst ask this real quick then while we are here... If I do manage to become CM, or any other type of staff member, is there any article or something that explains the roles? Any perks? Any requirements like min daily play time?
  3. Come ooooon...! You guys think it's worth such an argument? Just take a look at this cool guy right here! Knocks the competition right out of the park huh?
  4. Aaaah this is gonna be good!!!!!!!
  5. Johto was the first region i played thru.. Of course i love it! Keep the Johto threads coming xD
  6. Absolute golden of a service and a really good person too! Can't go wrong with this guy <3 I'll be disturbing u a lot mind you xD
  7. Aldroc

    Dev NPCs

    Lol that'd be fun xD Adding just the upper echelons of the staff in remote locations can't be bad right? I mean with a few workarounds it could work and will be really fun
  8. Would like to be able to see the real world time, maybe beside the battery icon, in-game. Being on Android means playing on the go and I get a bit too engrossed sometimes. Being able to keep track of time easily would be a nice feature. It does get a bit tedious after the first few times to pull down the notification bar every minute. Above all I'm a tad bit too lazy:)
  9. TBH, atleast according to me, PokeMMO's current implementation of Mewtwo and Rayquaza is the most apt method for leggies here. There shouldn't be just many copies of the same legendary running around. Being only one makes them legendary. It's just really a fun concept imo what the devs have done here.
  10. I'm gonna be around too from now on.... Sorry for all the troubles i've caused...
  11. Aldroc

    Book Thread

    Why is this thread so inactive? T_T
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