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  1. I don't know if someone already suggest this. But in my opinion , It might be good cause When Team Tournament come and player can't online. They can put it in the bank to let teammate use it. Or like Farming Pokemon ex. Theif Quagsire , Catcher Smeargle , etc. It would be like : Having a list of Pokemon in it , Date that someone borrow it , Name who borrow it and more. Just my sugguest tho :D #RipEnglish ;-;
  2. Btw , just 1 enigma + Any berry is work too :)
  3. pepe1240

    Staff Tab

    I wish there is a tab with a list of Staff that's currently online at that moment , it make easier to contact them. Not much to say. <3
  4. Oh my bad , I didn't see it. Thanks for sharing the link :D
  5. As the topic said. Cogeid and I think about Secret Base. It would be nice if it has PC or Healing Spot in the base. Nothing much to say.
  6. Rest In Peace, Like my Shiny Teddiursa which fled too .....
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