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  1. Just now, RenDude said:

    Hey Ash, it's been a while! I hope you have a merry Chirstmas as well~ Nice song btw lol

    Hey, Ken! It has been a while, you're still hanging around, eh? Thanks, I thought it was pretty great! Not really much of a Christmas song fan, though. It's nice to see ya, again!

  2. 55 minutes ago, Parke said:

    I mean this in the nicest way possible but do you know a single thing about music production or music structure @Kizhaz? Because anyone who produces music (myself included) probably sees this exactly how I do that the winning entry is literally just a riff machine from FL Studio, the default sound also with the original input sound. the idea is nice and I do like it. But from a production standpoint Orange's is so much better. Maybe it's just me because I actually make music too but Ash's track sounds somewhat "unfinished" - Not to take anything away from her like I said the idea is really nice for hers, but it sounds a little unfinished from a production standpoint to me but personally I believe Orange should be #1 and her #2 as honestly, those are the only 2 entries that dont sound like shit just threw together. Either way, I guess gj to both @AshisCatchin & @OrangeManiac and I'll be sure to enter the next one so dont get too comfortable at the top @AshisCatchin : )


  3. I think it'd make more sense to ghost out the chat to people that are battling. So only the people watching can chat amongst each other in this ghost state? It would deter people just openly giving tips and helping the battlers - like Town of Salem's graveyard chat..!


    Where the dead is talking and the players remaining can't see anything ;o I mean there's always whispering and shit but at least this is a thing that could I guess bring more of a closeness in the community in a competitive aspect. 


    I think it's a good thing for some players who'd like to speak to other comp players in the game - some avoid channel chat completely and a lot like to zone in Verm and watch battles. One's who are getting into comp probably have a lot of questions going unanswered or whatever the case is. As for making a team specifically for talking to others watching the match, I think you miss the concept. 


    It'd be a nice idea. 



  4. On 7/14/2017 at 2:59 AM, Kyu said:

    The chaos of it.


    PokeMMO is that special kind of shitshow that's really hard to screw up. For so many people, it's their dream game, because it's what they grew up on, being experimented with in a new way. We're afforded luxuries like livepatching, and while we try not to, we can completely destroy player progress to fix our mistakes. It's that kind of environment where real innovation can occur, and where we can push forward a genre despite standing on the shoulders of giants.


    We don't talk about it enough, but we, as Devs, are able to continue thanks to the generosity of our players and the people who volunteer their time as Mods/GMs/TC/Translators. Nearly every day, we talk and argue about how to improve this game to realize its full potential, even though we're stretched thin and there's not enough hours for it all. I'm very proud of and thankful for our community, and those people I've personally watched grow over the past 5 years, who wanted to come together to make something more than themselves.


  5. Hmm running a team would have had to be the most rewarding for me. I actually had no intentions of being a leader until my friends coaxed me into it. I have made a lot of close friends and have enjoyed the team chat. Being so gullible that they would be like, "Ash, I found a shiny!" They would link it and it's just a regular mon so I was trolled but I totally loved it.


    I also liked helping people in channel chat and I think even though most people hated repeating themselves (which is understandable), I liked the feeling it brought me.


    I also have to say I enjoyed breeding and my Pokemon are my babies because they're my own and I worked hard for them.


    Aside from me complaining about how long it took me to farm money and items for money, I enjoyed it because it was always worth the time I put into it. 


    I also liked queueing up in matchmaking and figuring out why people hate battling against six walls but I've learned how to use my team better and I will continue to learn. Then again I was on a lot in the middle of the night when there weren't many players in matchmaking so I didn't do it often. :p


    I like this game and it's nostalgic because I've grown up, like most of you, playing Pokemon and the MMO part of playing it with others.

  6. Screwing up my Milotic breed that now has 31 attack and 14 special defense. 


    Basically what happened was I was following two guides and there's one on here that has an IV set for water underneath the Hidden Power Electric tab.. As there are multiple combinations for each Hidden Power. So I was following that not knowing it was water the whole time until I finished the breed. I looked at the Hidden Power move and saw it was water and was like .. Well, fuck. So then I just bred 5 x 31s to roll for the 31s and brace as well and I just didn't get the luck. So I did end up with a Hidden Power Electric Milo but with the stated above 31 not needed attack and important sucky 14 IV in sp defense. 


    For shame.

  7. What I'm seeing a lot of here is, wow, I gave a pretty crap response to another player and to prevent a shitstorm it was deleted! Now I'm going to play dumb and not realize it's me and furthermore cause a disruption because I can't spread the hate I want. Uguu some more.


    To be a little more clear, it's a battle you won't win. 


    If you are the target for a lot of your posts being deleted, jee, ionno, I guess reevaluate how you portray your points. 


    I've gotten a few of my own posts deleted and you know what, I only have myself to blame. So there's that.


  8. This is nice to see. Glad to meet you, Xatu. I hope the meetup goes well! 

    Unfortunately I haven't been able to get on PokeMMO, got some sort of issue with my laptop so I'll have to send it back in. So, I'll add you when I can get back on. 


    Just know that what happens to you as far as bullying, etc. goes..  is not a reflection of yourself, but a reflection of them. So, just remember that. (: have a good one. 

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