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  1. 1.6billion pokeyen 6x0 magikarp on GTLTVAuctions
  2. The horrid scribblings of a madman
  3. Duskull would be fine. Sorry I never replied~ didn't know you ever did
  4. I'm so excited for all the new ghosts :3
  5. Name: Necrohorror Team (optional): FiRe Background (optional): dark purple Render (Pokemon/Character): creepymon Scenery or Abstract (optional): spooky Additional information (optional): nice and spooky please :3
  6. hey add me as a friend I changed my name to necrohorror. also where have you been? I miss you!

    1. Kyklous


      Sorry pal, mid-terms were last week so I didn't really feel it proper to play the game while that was going on. Of course, I didn't really study, either. lol I tried drawing my submission for "Define the Storm" in the meanwhile, but the concept of perspective is too OP.


      Anyways, hope to meet you in-game from now on.

    2. Ectopuss


      omg wait are you kindled o_o x_x

    3. Kyklous


      Er, at least I think I am? Well, at least I'm not actually a circle. Hope to see you a-ROUND.

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