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  1. Mt Ember slugma horde on one island floor 2 is better than beautifly horde imo
  2. Minsu

    Fixing the "Leaking Pipes"

    Why would they fix the leaking pipes when they are working on Unova region. I'm sure people would rather have that done later or "never" even. If all those functions weren't implemented in last two years, I'm sure they weren't planning on fixing it. Cause Hoenn came around 2015, they had 2 years to fix the "leaking pipes" Or maybe they weren't thinking about it.
  3. Minsu

    Johto and Sinnoh?

    I'd imagine the game being really laggy if they have each gen except x y or bw2 lol. We already have jotho pokemons and they'll probably add sinnoh too since we have Bidoof. Yes, Bidoof is part of April's fool. I think they'll still add sinnoh pokemons as in the same system as jotho pokemons Unova would really do great, no one has ever pulled unova region in a poke-mmo game before or maybe someone did but I just didn't know about it?. Aside from difficulty rendering stuff or whatever they do, I still think it has something to do with attracting new players in.
  4. This is the end of Moemon, it has limits.
  5. Minsu

    New Gen introductory guide

    Can you add spoiler for each pokemon to find an specific pokemon? Overall a very good guide, tysm
  6. With pp max trick is 16 if I'm correct, also there's leppa berries, I don't have any issues hunting with smeargle at all. I don't like thief because it sometimes kill the wild pokemon. Everyone has their preference, I guess. But for me, the less time the better.
  7. What moveset are you planning for that timid smeargle lmao, smeargle's main uses is false swipe or trick. 0 atk iv 0 atk ev is literally useless on Smeargle, trick is better than thief as you do not have to damage the pokemon to waste time but just use trick and run away if that pokemon doesn't have an item. The most common moveset for Smeargle is F-Swipe/Spore/SScent/Trick or Thief. Do note that Smeargle only learns something through sketch and to find a specific pokemon that has that move and let the pokemon use that move is a challenge in itself.
  8. I don't think this is the best guide. It couldn't even be called a guide if you didn't research enough about it and has to ask someone to help you. Most of us already knows how to farm anyways, only new players don't. But there is already a better guide than this on guide tavern. I also don't understand why you can't spell farming, you obviously didn't take time into your guide.
  9. Minsu

    [Art] [Sig] Rikoudo's gallery

    - Your name : Minxing/Minsu - Your character : http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/powerlisting/images/3/38/Genji_Overwatch_Dragons.gif/revision/latest?cb=20160706213238 - Your background : N/A - Additional : Make it squared not like the last time you made for me.
  10. Minsu

    [GUI] Startear's Themes Work

    Can I get a new one pls? In-Game Name : Minxing In-Game Team : N/A Character Theme : Genji from Overwatch Display Resolution : 1366 x 705 or the maximium size. Animated Login Screen : Yes Type Theme : Default Color Theme : Any. Note : Sorry about asking a new one so soon, do it when you have time tho no rush :)
  11. Minsu

    [GUI] Startear's Themes Work

    Thanks, I love it ❣ Feel free to pm me for gift IGN: Minxing
  12. Minsu

    [GUI] Pokemon Sun and Moon Theme

    https://files.fm/u/ppfcvapt New version after your advice c:
  13. Minsu

    [GUI] Startear's Themes Work

    How about YuriYuri and chnapflat type c:? You're more talented than me at making these that's why I'm asking you. ^-^
  14. This theme is based off of ChnapFlat Theme Color Scheme: Purple. Download Link: https://files.fm/u/ppfcvapt Note: This is a new-improved version of the old one. Preview Please leave any suggestions for my next theme and also suggest how I can improve it.

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