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  1. what does it matter to you random
  2. aye haha I respect that
  3. nah i dont think torkoal is shitty, has good utility and no you dont get to have shiny zard and still be jelly, thats not how it works xD
  4. pretty sure it was 2 layers of spikes, but i rarely get rng anyway so ill take what i get y'know
  5. I did kinda feel bad for JJ, but at the same time I did the calc and my bello supposedly lived a return even after bdrum + spikes hard to tell tho
  6. ill pass thanks brah
  7. i guess @DoubleJ is still salty after catching that L real talk, you didnt deserve to be manager as many times are you did
  8. mad little boy? go play with your toys now
  9. did i do something?
  10. Guess i can play on my account then?
  11. cut it in the middle, 800
  12. 850
  13. up