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  1. 3 LCs and Noad's Absol sold, Machamp price set
  2. Nombre del equipo: Vermilion Golden Champions.Etiqueta de equipo: VGC.Jugadores registrados: NoWall, Cristi, YEYOxD, StrikerFreecss, Urquidi, JamesFaul, ninamik, AlfonsoC, MendeeZ, Huargensy, Kaarnaa, XondeX, Thralls, Axellgor, Juanchoqui, MegaBladers, xGameMasterJuan, JavierChispas, Gauilovschoo, Maikilovsky.Capitán del equipo: Cristi.
  3. Yes, mail me ingame and I’ll send the gigalith or we can trade later today in a few hours up to you in case you decide to mail ign is Axellgor
  4. all comps list on gtl, some were sold, gigalith on auction
  5. No idea how this changed since I left, Garchomp is the most balanced mon in OU
  6. Posting info upon request Removed Trapinch, Diglett, (Impish) Mienfoo due to bans
  7. Team Name: VermilionGoldenChampions.Team Tag: [VGC].Registered Players: NoWall, Cristi, YEYOxD, StrikerFreecss, Urquidi, XondeX, LadyMaik, JamesFaul, CarlosBreak, Baneadito, AnaVidales, AnGeLOrGuLloSo, Axellgor, dIOxpro, fulltoxic.Team Captain: NoWall.
  8. cuando quieres jugar amigo, puedo jugar este fin de semana si quieres

    1. Predakiller


      Dale, el fin de semana  estare con tiempo libre desde las 11pm GMT el sabado y el domingo desde las 8

    2. Axelgor


      parece bien, te veo ahi

  9. sunday saturday midday gmt 


    when u free

    1. sweendogforums


      any time during the week just not the weekends as I'm working 14 hours a day

    2. Axelgor


      cant play during the week cuz i got college only on the weekends

    3. sweendogforums


      college 24 hours a day? surely you can fit it in somewhere I'm barely going to have time to eat at the weekend let alone play pokemon.

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