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  1. omg akhsit calm down it isj ust a joke....
  2. good try, but i'm sure you know what i mean, i just can't stand this anime style, it is not because of the fanbase that i hate it, since i also like death note, code geass, steins gate, which are filled with kids as well, but this one is just too unironically emo for me
  3. mainly because i hate the emo atmosphere, for me it looks like they made it for a 13yo kid that loves coffe, "gore" and emo stuff
  4. glad you asked shit becuse i hate tokyo ghoul11!!!!
  5. i think darker than black is an anime to watch at the begining of your career as weeb, when you mainly care to action, it was my favorite show around 2012 or something like that, i still love it, but i think that if i would watch nowadays, i wouldn't like that much since i have a different taste in animes now about this season, it got some good shows like seishun buta yarou, tensei shitara slime datta ken, banana fish, and ofc jojo
  6. Foersterr

    Vanity | Particle Suggestion Thread

    isn't this just a common beard

  8. Foersterr

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    pRoFeSSioNaL gAM3r João Leonardo in the house grats uguuhead
  9. Foersterr

    Last Words before leaving

    lol cya dont commit lack of oxygen its bad
  10. Foersterr

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    why are you doing this to yourself finally this game being fair lol
  11. Foersterr

    Vanity | Particle Suggestion Thread

    darkshade be like daga kotowaru
  12. Foersterr

    Vanity | Particle Suggestion Thread

    ok now this is terrible. btw jotaro's hat when darksahde uguu head i died and u didnt make it real

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