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  2. so what are you suggesting exactly? that the ban appeal section shouldn't exist? because if you are going to imply that EVERY ban is fair, then what is the point of complaining about them? people should be treated as innocent until the contrary is totally proven, but apparently you are one of those guys that really believe that staff never make mistakes even tho they assume they do, guess you shouldn't have been unbanned then lol yes and unicorns exist
  3. bruh thats the worst excuse, gms do literally nothing other than managing the ban appeals and banning people when the mods ask them to, there are like 5 of them iirc and following your line of thought 20-30 per day should be just fine, also if you can't with 5 people just hire more competent people???? trust me it wouldn't take more than a hour per day to answer 5 appeals, if you don't have time to do gm stuff then you shouldn't be a gm in first place
  4. Foersterr


    jesus christ this aged well lmfao
  5. yeah and if you run from 3 shinies in a row and breed a charmander it will be shiny bruh
  6. pls draw c.c for me and i will vote for anyone that u want
  7. nice sig dazuzi ^^ for real!! kenaixx u got luck hunt more btw if u dont like how ppl act when they jealous dont post in public ^^
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