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  1. happy birthday to you too @TheChampionMike! @SodaNaranja
  2. Foersterr

    Vanity Item Suggestions

  3. Foersterr

    Shiny Trading? Where?

    alpha would like to read this i think basically the only thing that i can understand from your last comment here is that you are mad because 10 people made a good investment buying the only pieces of a vanity back in 2013 and you don't want them to be rich just because of that lol this is an interesting suggestion, but i'm sure that it would destroy the gameplay for most of the shiny hunters, imagine your donator expiring in an useless day because the limit of shinies was already found before you even wake up
  4. Foersterr

    Shiny Trading? Where?

    i like how this idea would benefit the entire game, you should put it on the suggestion box
  5. Foersterr

    Shiny Trading? Where?

    what's wrong with shinies at 70m? at least most of the players can afford them now, shinies were inevitably going to drop in price because they are unlimited , and obviously if something is limited the price will rise once it leave the game (like e-storm/labcoat), nothing wrong with that as well, I'm pretty sure they (staff) wouldn't make the shiny rate worse than 1/30k just to make the few shiny traders who bought their shinies for higher than the current price happy
  6. Foersterr

    The Chinese have mastered the art of wallhacks

    I'm Spider-Man
  7. Foersterr

    Marriage System

    that's why I upvoted
  8. Foersterr

    [Art] Soda's Skatches 2.0

    i want you to come back to staff and a cake drawing for secret purposes
  9. Foersterr

    Happy Birth day

    now he needs to eat the cake
  10. Foersterr

    Happy Birth day

    Happy birthday @TheChampionMike
  11. Foersterr

    Goodybe MMO

    A big loss for Vermilion today, see you around Terresa!
  12. Foersterr

    Couple questions about the game

    As stated above, we do not discuss about roms here, I'm sorry for the incovenience but you will need to obtain them by yourself, will be closing the thread since the other "less important" questions were answered by Light's thread.
  13. Foersterr

    [Art] [Sig] Mayu's Signature/Art Shop

    i am mod i can confirm this is right how much is a banner mayubita

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