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  1. Thanks because we are the #1
  2. Bear my dates: Team Name: KnightsOfSky Team Tag: [GØDz] Registered Players: 1) TheMaxiPro 2) xXlREMlXx 3) Renkowen 4) MegaBladers 5) ThePuppetLoooool 6) MedaBlack 7) ILIOZ 8) ZilverZ Team Captain: TheMaxiPro
  3. Only 36 mins :V !! Im ansious :3
  4. Thanks for you support zehkar :3 but i need @Noad Opinion :( GODz #1 I think.
  5. Man the register begins in one hour.
  6. Thanks zehkar Can GODz Win?
  7. Man THEY ARE NOT RAT KIDS LET OF INSULTING THEM. When is the register?
  8. A question can i register supplents?
  9. >:V
  10. >:V
  11. ...
  12. Man what is your problem with me? im famous and you not?
  13. I think: When the SGM Change your name is principaly when you become in staff member
  14. You cant make money fast in pokemmo you need patience and perseverance to make millions of pokeyen i can give you some tips: 1) Farm the Gyms of hoen 11k per gym. 2) Farm breeders 1x31 2x31 ETC 1x31 can cost 10k or 8k 2x31 can cost 50k or more. 3) Sell 2x31 Metagross with good ivs and evs trained. 4) Farm the olds on the side of carmin. Remember this requires patience and perseverance but if you can do that you can have so much money in the game Good Luck.
  15. Thanks GODz is the best team we will win.