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  1. Hello i am a competitive player if you want add me to your team you can say me in pokemmo IGN:TheMaxiPro Whisp me or here on the forums you can send me a message. Hola soy un jugador competitivo si quieres unirme a tu equipo dime en pokemmo me llamo TheMaxiPro susurrame o aca en los foros me puedes enviar mensaje. :D
  2. :D
  3. ok you are in
  4. :D Ok
  5. No they two are my favorites do you want enter in the fan club
  6. ok The persons what want join to the club only say me in pokemmo or here in the forums this club its to talk abot they. Noad and Rachel are amazing and i am their fan
  7. This is the Noad and Rachel Fans Club I theMaxiPro do this fans club only if Noad and Rachel lets me do . I admire to Noad and Rachel and for that i do this club In the club we can talk about Noad and Rachel and we can do events in pokemmo. :D
  8. Thanks ;)
  9. Hello players of pokemmo. I have a question for you. Why the players doesn´t Join to my team what can i do to upgrade my team Hola jugadores de pokemmo tengo una pregunta para ustedes. porque los jugadores no se unen a mi team Es malo? Que debo hacer para mejorarlo Porfavor Necesito de su ayuda quiero crecer ustedes son los que pueden ayudarme. Please i need your help i want grow you are the players what can help me.
  10. I can give a prize but i need your help
  11. OK rache thanks rache Do you like participate?
  12. Ok lets me talk whit bear or a gm to know if the can give a prize ok?
  13. Not this is not for a prize this is for fun time limit is the next sunday. ;D
  14. thanks zehkar
  15. Thanks can you send this in your team?