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  1. Thanks for mentioning that. Absolutely makes sense, Chansey will be corrected in the guide. :D (the chart will get updated later) I wondered myself and that's part of the reason why atm I'm trying to work in the main move sets and EV spreads, gathered from Gbush's guide and Smogon (in which unfortunately some builds don't make sense for PokeMMO because of the new gen physical/special spread). As I said, the current chart and results are to be taken with a grain of salt, but it will get a lot better approximated soontm. You'll still need salt for that, but not as much... :^) When I'm done with that, then there are still various builds, items, actual effect of speed stats in a battle, status attacks, healing and "switching pressure", that lack in the statistical consideration. I'd need waaay more detailed play rate statistics (distribution of different builds of Pkmn) and observations of countless battles over time, e.g. for effective damage calculation of moves like Will-O-Wisp and Toxic or Dragon Dance... I don't think I'll be doing this much. xD But when I'm done with WIP, the numbers should give you quite detailed "stationary" insights in respect to several specific averages.
  2. I'm studying Physics and am kinda used to this kind of stuff. Also, doing this is almost as fun for me as playing PokeMMO, so I'll take that as a compliment. :^)
  3. Hello World, like probably most people here, I've got accompanied by Pokemon my whole childhood through. Just a month ago I've started to actively play PokeMMO and at the same time begun to play competitively. And there we already have the first reason to warn you: Although I do know all Pokemon, their typings and specific tasks from Gen 1-3 by heart, I actually never played against human competitors until Jan 2017 due to lack of link partners. On the other hand, I do know a bit about statistical analysis and other hardcore nerd stuff, so I guess that can help me to get better at figuring out what to do in PvP. Of course, throwing yourself into queue is by far the best way to improve, but I also like theory crafting. From the latter I have got a buttload incoming for you! However, you and me should be aware of that statistics or maths in general are not that representative for reality. This in fact is one of the biggest philosophical problems ever. Even Pokemon, although a game based on maths, is filled with such complexity and chaos, that it's very hard to predict the exact outcome of an encounter by numbers only. For actually relevant statistics you'd need to have an insanely huge sample size, which I don't have in this case, so please take the results with a grain of salt! :^) 1. Motivations Display and sort various properties using a spreadsheet (download required for interaction): Highest average damage dealt => Best attackers Figure out the best / easiest ways to sweep specific defenders Lowest average damage taken => Best defenders Figure out the best / easiest ways to wall specific attackers All that considering builds, play rates and more By that: Help creating a Team with good defense and offensive coverage Grant (more or less) easy access to several nice-to-know values, e.g. during battles The spreadsheet I created definitely offers more functionality than this thread, however if you don't want to mess with it, then that's absolutely fine. In that case it would be nice to let me know how much information you'd wish me to extract. :) 2. The Wall of Numbers {{OverUsed Tier}} I just put the credits here. This is based on information from: PokeMMO official usage statistics for play rates, sampled 11th Jan - 5th Feb 2016 (which is kinda outdated tbh) Pokemon Database Pokedex for Pokemon status values, type effectiveness, accessibility of moves and several good-to-know Q&As Gbush's OU Guide, Smogon Strategy Pokedex, Google and my small fraction of own experiences for composition of builds Bulbapedia for game mechanics And of course, special thanks to the creators of Pokemon, PokeMMO and OpenOffice and everyone, who's willing to help me improve this guide :) Challenge accepted. jk, in principle he's totally right. First off, a brief explanation on what I did. Essentially, I arranged a maximum of two builds per pokemon, calculated the respective stats and let all builds and associated moves hit all pokemon and their two builds once. Thus, by help of the almighty copy-paste and some handiwork, I created a vast array of damage values and derived several weighted averages from the aggregated data. By vast, I mean more than a hundred thousand entries. (please kill me) The following things are considered: Play rate, EV spread, move set, STAB, type effectiveness, move power, most beneficial status effects (items, abilities, moves), average critical hit bonus and average random attack bonus. Everything with 31 IVs in all relevant stats. !!! WARNINGS / FLAWS !!! || || || || || V V V V V What does it do? Some clarification for each tab: Builds and Results Here you can play around with the "big" averages. Greyed-out rows are redundant builds. "Atk+ DMG" refers to the damage dealt with Atk stat boosts only, like Choice Band, or one use of e.g. Swords Dance or Calm Mind. The Guts ability is excluded from this. "MAX DMG" refers to the damage dealt with all available steroids, again with only one use of status moves. Which one of those values is more representative depends on the pokemon... This convention applies to all tabs of the spreadsheet. Sweeping X-Y Mark the entire first row and "Ctrl+F" the pokemon you want to sweep (make sure to search only within the selection), then sort as you please and look out for which pokemon or attacks bring the highest values. Physical/Special Defense Mark the entire first row and "Ctrl+F" the pokemon you want to wall (make sure to search only within the selection), then sort as you please and look out for which pokemon or builds bring the lowest values. Play Rates and Move Access Here you can see the ludicrous mess I fabricated considering the chances to encounter specific builds and moves. On the one hand I really need those values, on the other they're completely made up. Maybe more on that in the WIP section... Though the accessibility of moves could be helpful, I guess. I genuinely hope, that you are able to download, open and arrange the file without problems. || || || || || V V V V V Download link to ODS (BETA) version, (size: 5.38 MB, recommended): https://www.dropbox.com/s/590lmk8viez9xry/PokéMMO - OU Battling Statistics BETA.ods?dl=0 Download link to XLS (BETA) version (size: 9.53 MB, not yet sure if exported correctly): https://www.dropbox.com/s/q0alz0xuerontif/PokéMMO - OU Battling Statistics BETA.xls?dl=0 3. OU Offense Results Below you can see the highest overall maximum damage averages. By that definition, these are not necessarily the "best". Most of them require a certain form of setup to be useful. With such great potential often comes high risk, too, so as always please take the results with a grain of salt. The overall play rate does not refer to the build but the pokemon usage. The following builds might not even be the most common ones. This list only takes raw, fully boosted damage into consideration as far as order goes. However most of the conclusions I made are based on what I observed in detail with the spreadsheet. 3.1. TOP 10 Physical Damage Potential 3.2. TOP 10 Special Damage Potential 3.3. TOP 10 Allrounders 3.4. Speed Calculated with base speed + 31 IVs only. 4. OU Defense Results 4.1. TOP 5 Physical Walls 4.2. TOP 5 Special Walls 4.3. TOP 5 Mixed Walls 4.4. Worst Defenders
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