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  1. Glad you like it. I'm Aikou in game.
  2. Name : Aikou. Team Tag (If you want): TN. Characters/Pokemons : Shiny Smeargle. Background (If you want any): I let you choose. Additional things (if you want too): Nope.
  3. Hello. Feel free to ask me to make your signature or your avatar. I ask you atleast 20k for one signature or one avatar. Note : Well, I won't draw the avatars. I will make something like mine for example. Signature template : Avatar template :
  4. You patch the Fire Red rom and you turn off the "DS Sprites" in your Settings (DS Options).
  5. Text : Aikou. Team (If you want it added): Character/pokemon : Shiny Smeargle. Background : I let you choose. Animation : No. Donation amount (If there is one) : Only if I like the signature.
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