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  1. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    my second shiny :v
  2. Anime Opening/Ending Thread

    nice openning mikasa :3
  3. PokeMMO World Cup Tournament - General Thread

    IGN: PolAngelxD Country: Peru
  4. Anime Opening/Ending Thread

    Good song from Fairy Tail My favorite :)
  5. [GUI] Fairy Tail Theme

    I really liked the background. nice :)
  6. [Art] [Sig] Rikoudo's gallery

    thanks its look very good @natsuto
  7. [Art] [Sig] Rikoudo's gallery

    I like your work, could you make me one? :) - Your name: PolAngelxD - Your caracter: Natsu Dragneel - Your background (I you have one): machu picchu - Your team (I you have one): Peru - Special thing (if you want): Animated please
  8. [GUI] Charizard Shiny ver 2.1

    gran trabajo, sigue asi en tus aportes Good work , nice :)

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