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  1. 很明显是你的错, 不要上厕所就没事了嘛?????
  2. the thing that makes it good is its atk and spatk stat, moxie is just a bonus, it's good but not vital on it
  3. can't do anything about it, they can just enter the match and wait for 5 minutes to pass, it's the same thing
  4. i only have 5 ot not 6, remove my surskit cuz it evolved
  5. plant and harvest your own
  6. i think its the clip above is the same as scoring via hitting the post, as long as no one other than the goalkeeper interferes with the ball after it's kicked
  7. gdi rachel went all in feint attack not strong enough, need more blackglasses
  8. already existed pokemon's ot wont change, new ones you obtain from the point onwards will be new ot
  9. this is outrageous, i'm confused by why staff is involved in this matter, it's clear to everybody that you're trying to intimidate us with your staff tag
  10. imo if low cost, could be abused by having a few boxes of sweet scent pokemon fully restore pp max sweet scent pkm by leppa cost like 3.6k, having 1k cost to access the pc would affect the leppa market
  11. eh still kinda different in terms of format, vgc you can choose 4 from 6, mmo dubs you need to use all 6 pkm
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