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  1. 不好意思本人玩英文版,想问下飞机是啥?
  2. teleport brings you straight into pc in front of the counter, save you a couple of seconds, I guess when he said for grinders out there he meant shiny hunters? it stacks into a lot considering how much they visit the pc nope
  3. 很明显是你的错, 不要上厕所就没事了嘛?????
  4. the thing that makes it good is its atk and spatk stat, moxie is just a bonus, it's good but not vital on it
  5. can't do anything about it, they can just enter the match and wait for 5 minutes to pass, it's the same thing
  6. i only have 5 ot not 6, remove my surskit cuz it evolved
  7. plant and harvest your own
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