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  1. Updated -Android version fixed the summary scale bug. -The typlosion flame returns. -All forms of "arceus" added. -Reduced the scale of the back sprites. -special egg for shinys added. (not sure if it works.)
  2. Updated: -Fixed sinnoh sprite bugs -Add missing sprites (east gastrodon, giratina, darmanitan zen ect.) -Updated Android version
  3. wobbo with shadow trap if banned from OU 5gen I don't know where they get it isn't
  4. I am disqualified from the UU community combat for using an untiered pokemon I didn't know they were banned. :v
  5. I haven't had much time to improve the mod but someday I'll fix it
  6. I mean the 6 pokemons are always visible from turn 1 Sorry for my bad English
  7. It happens that when I play Android I have no way to take capture or save the rival team during duel I usually forget rival team and this makes me feel at a disadvantage with the PC players. the suggestion is basically leaving the team visible with what they do in Showdown
  8. I did not see any error in Persian sprite Maybe you were using an old version of the mod, download the mod again if you get error public screenshot sorry for answering so late that comes by default with the game is not a mod
  9. that error is not caused by this mod so check the other
  10. upgrade -the rest of sprites missing -link of optimal version for android added. Here
  11. updated -compatible with the update of 10/30/2018 -I add the missing sprites of rotom, deerling ect. -I do not know if it works on android I suppose so, my phone went to the trash to notify if it does not work
  12. Could you give me more details of the error so I could help you
  13. @Mike03si lo hubieras conseguido de esa pagina no me quejaría, pero literalmtente descomprimiste mi mod le cambiaste el nombre lo resubiste,sabes los sprites de esa pagina ni son compatibles con el juego. if you had gotten it from that page I would not complain, but literally unzipped my mod you changed the name you re-surfaced, you know the sprites of that page or are compatible with the game.
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