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  1. Shiny Smoochum Auction, end

  2. CZD's stuff

    170m for Dragonair
  3. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    New shiny for the existence list.
  4. Unoffical community event

    Start is in 15 minutes.
  5. Unoffical community event

    Billla will jump in for TheChampionMike. The event will start in 4 hrs. The hosts will post the list of Pokémons in globat / channel chat. I suggest we meet at Channel 7. It will also be announced in this thread. Once the time is up (1hr 30min), please link your Pokémons to one of the host listed above.
  6. Unoffical community event

    Great, thank you =)
  7. Unoffical community event

    I have updated the description.
  8. Unoffical community event

    It would be wonderful if you can join us! =) Like you said, it would defiantly be easier if split the list between the 3-4 of us (waiting for one more confirmation, then the host team is decided). If we communicate it accordingly ingame, it should make things easier for us. I will be working on the forum thread for the event.
  9. Unoffical community event

    Player who caught most Pokémons from the list (and followed the rules) in 90 minutes, IV's do not matter, wins. I will write out the event again to make everything clear. If you managed to catch 15 Pokémon out of the 20 Pokémons (which I will spam in chat once the event starts) and the Player below (2nd highest amount) you only caught 14, you win first place.
  10. Unoffical community event

    9pm GMT Saturday night if that doesn't collude with any offical event.
  11. Unoffical community event

    I have send you all the prizes, if you could confirm it, that would be great. I will start working on a thread. Could you recommend a time on Saturday?
  12. Unoffical community event

    May I send you the prizes now? So you can declare the event legit? I will post a new thread with a nice intro and some grafics. Only a suitable time has to be announced. Preferable Saturday?
  13. Unoffical community event

    I will be happy to run the event and answer any questions. It would be a pain to check all the results, therefore it will be a list of 20 Pokémons (I will change them of course) and the order they are caught in does not matter. I would be more then happy if you could assist me (checking results). Any recommendations about a suitable time? I will trade you all the prizes, so no one doubts if the catching event is legit.
  14. Unoffical community event

    You are probably right, it would take too long for the staff to check all the applications. I will change the list of the Pokèmons and and release them once the event starts, there will be no order. The prize is no problem, I would like to keep it that way. If any member of staff would like to help run the event, she/he will be announced in the thread and will claim the prizes to make it legit.

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