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  1. Whole Pokédex Complition Service will arrive soon.
  2. Yes, just pm me or write me a message in game.
  3. Over two years of hunting and ~150k encounters, finally!
  4. Sinnoh Pokédex Completion Service Service: I will help you to complete your Sinnoh Pokédex by trading you all 274 Pokémons within minutes - legendaries not inclunded. Rules: You must return the Pokémons to me. Price: 90,000$ Whisper me in game (ign: Terresa) or pm me if you are interested. * I will charge less if you only require 20 Pokémons or fewer. Please note that since the last PokeMMO update, the following has changed: - Endgame Sinnoh areas are no longer restricted by the National Dex - Sinnoh's National Dex now only requires Seeing each species within its Regional Dex
  5. 1) 10 - 20 seconds (as previously stated), just enough time to cancel a listing in case you have done a mistake. 2) Yes, this is very annoying for some shiny owners. It will never say "Shiny ... joined the battle" again. 4) The Pokémons are shown at the start. It's annoying to write down the names of the enemy team. You could memorize them but it would make life easier if they are revealed at all staged of the game.
  6. 1. Introduce a 10-20 seconds countdown before an item/pokémon listing goes into the GTL. In case you missclicked (regarding the price), you have enough time to cancel the listing before it goes into the GTL. 2. The namechanger should be able to return a Pokémons original name. It's annoying, once a shiny Pokémon's name is changed, it will never be called "shiny ...." in battle again. 3. Introduce a player search bar for the pvp spectating mode so matches you are looking for can be found faster. 4. Please show the enemy Pokémons at all times during a pvp match, not only at the beginning.
  7. Since there is already a PC Expansion Ticket which costs RP, I'd think that the devs would like it as an RP item too. But as a Yen item or a free extension it would be even better. That is up for the devs to decide.
  8. Terresa

    Name Rater

    Players should have the option to re-name a Pokémon to it's original name at the Name Rater in Lavender Town. Once the name of a shiny is changed, it will never be displayed as e.g. "Shiny Mr. Mime in battle ever again.
  9. Many players have a full friendlist and everytime they add someone new, a friend has to be deleted. Please introduce a Friendlist Expansion Ticket.
  10. 3 Terresa (that bat is cute and disgusting at the same time)
  11. Name: Terresa Team: Läva Render/Character: waterfall with grass, flowers and the sun // shiny porygon, shiny ducklett would be really nice if you could add in this character in the image. Donation: 1,000,000$ Let me know if you are up for it and I happly send you the donation.
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