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  1. The Safari Zone is a no-go area, players should know that by now =( Did you bai first (or did a voice tell you to throw a rock)?
  2. There was also another one found in 2-3 months ago, I have to check if I can find the screen
  3. This explains a lot. Xsolla 18% tip feels like a bad French restaurant where the tip is already included.
  4. I feel your pain =( but what is the best strategy? Use Bait first?
  5. We will not give up Summrs ^.^
  6. It says that you purchase 5000 Reward Points and only once the payment is confirmed, you are being informed about the real amount that your purchased. This seems to be an error because it was not like this in the past. 73 or 32 Reward Points are useless because I can't purchase anything with them =( !! Please have a look Admins and try to fix it.
  7. Since when do you get 1432 Reward Points and not 1500 Reward Points =(
  8. Good Morning ^.^ I would like to use your service, I got an Aerodactyl that need to be leveled from 1 - 100 and EV trained. Also a Smeargle that is level 71 (already EV trained) that needs leveling to 100. Could you whisper me ingame, (I have the same name). We can arrange prices there. Thank's a lot! =)
  9. =) that seems a little cheap
  10. http://imgur.com/a/NV2uH Here it is :( Did it have a Lucky Egg?