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  1. 30
  2. You nearly crushed my dreams, tread lightly!
  3. My favourite Shiny (apart from Porygon), what a rare crown juwel! It is likely a gift Shiny from the story as not many do rocksmash and catch the geodude
  4. I need a Smeargle to be level 100, now its level 71, do you offer to level it? How much would it cost? Please let me know ^^
  5. The Safari Zone is a no-go area, players should know that by now =( Did you bai first (or did a voice tell you to throw a rock)?
  6. I share your pain =/
  7. 5.000.000$ for Pineco =)
  8. This explains a lot. Xsolla 18% tip feels like a bad French restaurant where the tip is already included.
  9. I feel your pain =( but what is the best strategy? Use Bait first?
  10. We will not give up Summrs ^.^
  11. Good Morning ^.^ I would like to use your service, I got an Aerodactyl that need to be leveled from 1 - 100 and EV trained. Also a Smeargle that is level 71 (already EV trained) that needs leveling to 100. Could you whisper me ingame, (I have the same name). We can arrange prices there. Thank's a lot! =)
  12. =) that seems a little cheap
  13. http://imgur.com/a/NV2uH Here it is :( Did it have a Lucky Egg?