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  1. Shiny 43 :3 encounter 14.440 Play hours since last shiny 42 h :3 fazit 42 shiny by 8135 Playtime :D
  2. can anyone tell me what that might be worth? nature is calm
  3. OT 42 :3 encounter 4815 Play hours since last shiny 35 h :3 fazit 42shiny by 8092 Playtime :D
  4. Shiny nr 41^^ encounter 26.513 Play hours since last shiny 66 h :3 fazit 41shiny by 8057 Playtime :D
  5. I know just some games where the language was specified ^^ there are also some games where there are both. So the team search via the forum and ingame. In most cases, this also states when the team has existed. With PVP heavy game like the rank. an application option and much more. Which functions you can build in you can then look ^^
  6. I often meet players who are looking for teams. Many have already mentioned that it would be cool to have an option somewhere to search for teams. So for example an information board where you can enter the name, the main language, vlt number of members. The language could be spoken in the team could be changed during creation or later via the team info. many newcomers don't use the forum, for example, and you can't always find one on global.
  7. 2019 was in the RL on 5.2 cny, the event started ingame on 7.2. In 2020 cny 25.2 was in the RL and ingame 28.2. Let's see where many days later it starts this year
  8. Shiny 39 :3 encounter 615 Play hours since last shiny under 1h :3 fazit 39shiny by 7915 Playtime :D
  9. Shiny 38:3 encounter 23829 Play hours since last shiny 64h :3 fazit 38shiny by 7915 Playtime :D
  10. Shiny 37 :3 encounter 44.594 Play hours since last shiny 153h :3 fazit 37shiny by 7851 Playtime :D
  11. bagoon is only cycle 6, I once found a cycle ad but don't know if it's true for you. I could swear that I changed this to German local time https://files.fm/u/x4nrx5npx
  12. With a friend back then, he just had to say the char name and exactly what was on it. So for example 3 regions finished, 4 region 5 medals in my team are these Pokemon or these comps / shiny I have
  13. I already have the book, I already have the stone ^^ but what's next?
  14. now Real Talk, it is not an Npc and a Low Jumpeon Fight and then it doesn't go on? a little tip would be helpful now Do you have to look for the woman? Do you have to go to a certain point and then jump stone? Or is it all just a joke?
  15. Oh lol under the stone is a shrub to cut up
  16. go down the door and then up again. then you are at the entrance. You can actually take the door from which you came, but only if you still know it.
  17. We now have summer, March = autumn, April = winter and so on
  18. sorry now bad english, besides all bad i want to get rid of something. THANK YOU. Thanks to all devs who are trying to fix events and bug fixes. thanks that we can all play Pokemmo. thanks to Team AVE you are all the best German team , you can have fun with you. thanks to all players who solve questions and problems without trolling. thanks for every update no matter how long it takes. Thank you for the beautiful year 2019. Thank you is appropriate, because we rarely say thank you
  19. magmar was in a horde in kanto. So don't panic, I think many hordes are being changed or exchanged later
  20. My first 1000 hours, and now by 6k hours 21 ot shiny without donater. Shiny rate fair ^ω^
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