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  1. I already have the book, I already have the stone ^^ but what's next?
  2. now Real Talk, it is not an Npc and a Low Jumpeon Fight and then it doesn't go on? a little tip would be helpful now Do you have to look for the woman? Do you have to go to a certain point and then jump stone? Or is it all just a joke?
  3. Oh lol under the stone is a shrub to cut up
  4. how do I get this item ?
  5. go down the door and then up again. then you are at the entrance. You can actually take the door from which you came, but only if you still know it.
  6. Wait until the lanterns are gone
  7. We now have summer, March = autumn, April = winter and so on
  8. sorry now bad english, besides all bad i want to get rid of something. THANK YOU. Thanks to all devs who are trying to fix events and bug fixes. thanks that we can all play Pokemmo. thanks to Team AVE you are all the best German team , you can have fun with you. thanks to all players who solve questions and problems without trolling. thanks for every update no matter how long it takes. Thank you for the beautiful year 2019. Thank you is appropriate, because we rarely say thank you
  9. magmar was in a horde in kanto. So don't panic, I think many hordes are being changed or exchanged later
  10. My first 1000 hours, and now by 6k hours 21 ot shiny without donater. Shiny rate fair ^ω^
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