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  1. Shiny 49 :3 encounter 19600 ( 12,800 horden and 6800 eegs) Play hours since last shiny 180h :3 fazit 49shiny by 8715 Playtime 😄
  2. Shiny 48 :3 encounter 15233 Play hours since last shiny 46 h :3 fazit 48shiny by 8535 Playtime 😄
  3. There are no hordes in the cave, there are only single encounters and every pkm that is displayed in the current cycle phase can appear
  4. open cycle ordner Than Pokemmo cycle GUI Than have you a Pokemon display with Time up to the new cycle The Datei Pw86fmj show you all cyclus (but there is still Shuckle in it this is out of date and the timer could be something wrong with you as mentioned)
  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vUVW3oZOrr3dGeIIi843gpcNO2Zkg_54/view?usp=sharing now?
  6. I still have an "old" program where the cycle and the pkm are displayed. however, this was changed to the German time zone some time ago. I don't know how accurate the program is for other time zones https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vUVW3oZOrr3dGeIIi843gpcNO2Zkg_54/view?usp=sharing
  7. Shiny 47 :3 encounter 15268 Play hours since last shiny 40h :3 fazit 47shiny by 8489 Playtime :D
  8. Shiny 46 :3 encounter 48.933 Play hours since last shiny 143 h :3 Fazit 46shiny by 8449 Playtime :D
  9. Shiny 45 :3 encounter 42.938 Play hours since last shiny 109 h :3 fazit 45shiny by 8306 Playtime :D
  10. I think route 114 is very good you build your secret base down by the cave. so you have your base and the cave to reset the stones: 3
  11. Shiny 44:3 encounter 25037 Play hours since last shiny 58h :3 fazit 44shiny by 8197 Playtime :D
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