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  1. IGN: Pablobacas Preferred Tiers: ou/uu Competitive accolades: the two times I participated in a event like that, last wc and psl my team was dq, I go for the hat trick Discord contact: Pablobacas#8628 Preferred Potential Manager: 1) RDL 2) Yetto 3) Camilo
  2. Africa [0] vs [0] Rest of Europe NU1: Kanicula vs RAVAEL 250k ───────── Rest of Asia [0] vs [0] Rest of America OU1: SweeTforU vs Brayanmatows 100k UU1: xMikasaAckerman vs sonickevinmp 100k lC: Deploic vs SebastianRVM 100k ───────── Argentina [0] vs [0] Cuba OU1: DiositoSlurpuff vs lachidrago 100k Group B ───────── USA [0] vs [0] Brazil UU1: aftershocker vs joaogrilo 100k UU2: xSparkie vs Polarizedd 100k Venezuela Criolla [0] vs [0] West Europe OU2: Zeknshooter vs ZozoMgl 100k UU2: AngeloDLZ vs QuinnW 100k NU2: ByronerAJNG vs iMat 100k ───────── venezuela Arepera [2] vs [0] Philipines AdoBoiz UU2: Wallarro vs amoncute 100k Group C ───────── chile [0] vs [0] Portugal NU1: Mendeez vs pachima 100k germany [0] vs [0] Mexico UU1: RexB vs ShellUny 100k ───────── Group D OU1: Demondsky vs JorgeFirebolt 100k OU2: ZireaelCiri vs DarkQuiler 100k UU1: loveyun vs DrTylerGrey 100k UU2: heichicoda vs Pablobacas 250k NU1: Cogeid vs Axellgor 100k NU2: woxiangsinile vs ChronoRike 100k DB: Mislandier vs Smbee 100k LC: Queest vs RealDevilLegend 100k colombia [0] vs [0] Philippines SiniGang NU2: Heeyder vs iKreedo 100k Void if sub
  3. Spain [0] vs [0] Korea OU1: Killuminatis vs MeCyma @SquirrelMix OU2: JorgeFirebolt vs leehii UU1: JasonSparrowX vs Sionix UU2: DrTylerGrey vs Gameova NU1: Axellgor vs Grdzick @SquirrelMix NU2: ChronoRike vs Yenu DB: Zigh vs Largeflower @SquirrelMix LC: DarkQuiler vs Chillas OU2: Akarukokuyo vs Lifestyle @PizzaConewe 100k every duel
  4. Team Tag: NORE Team Name: NoRematch Registered Players: Axoa DrTylerGrey EYL iMat kiwikidd lachidrago Luke MendeeZ NikhilR ORBFLUX Pablobacas QuinnW tMoi TTVZeknShooter UmbraMol xLuneth xSparkie Zymogen KokenoCastro Mecyma Team Captain: Pablobacas
  5. Ign: Eiderpro Country: Venezuela Prefered tiers:OU/UU Discord: Eiderpro#8581 (Not forum acc)
  6. Ign: zipro Country: USA Prefered tier: OU (He hasnt forum account)
  7. IGN: Pablobacas Country: Spain Tiers: OU/NU Discord: Pablobacas#8628 Personal note: Andalucia > Spain
  8. Yeah that's why I think a large format with 8 duels could be better, countries like China would need like 10 teams for a 5vs5 format
  9. Other fact is imo a format with only 5 duels (one for tier) is better for national teams with few members but with 3 or 4 top players. In the opposite side countries with more players will have to bench a lots of theirs
  10. Team Tag: NORE Team Name: NoRematch Registered Players: Axoa BlueBreath DrTylerGrey EYL iMat kiwikidd lachidrago MeCyma MendeeZ NikhilR ORBFLUX Pablobacas QuinnW tMoi TTVZeknShooter UmbraMol xLuneth xSparkie Qbeertje YettoDie Zymogen Team Captain: iMat
  11. Gg lunarck, and gg sia, good luck in finals
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