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  1. KoolT93

    Any Tips for a New-ish Player?

    Quit while you can
  2. I trolled that guy w my gay shit, and mofo keep asking for my fb lmaooo Gib lab coat
  3. KoolT93

    Elite 4 totally broken

    @Tranzmaster ppl finally understand your pain
  4. KoolT93

    Add Possibile Abilities in the pokedex entry

    +1 Would be cool to known what pokes should be abi pilled and which ones should be farmed to get HA
  5. KoolT93

    Frequently asked questions.

    ayyy got an update LF notes
  6. KoolT93

    Dev & Staff Appreciation Thread

    This trolls Threads smh
  7. They just updated boi, chill
  8. Can someone explain how that NPC tiering works pls @Kyu @Desu Do we need to rebattle them to upgrade them to previous payouts???
  9. KoolT93

    Petition to Mute Bianca

    12 ewww to old
  10. Ayyy update hype Cant decide between tepig or snivy...tepig is Cute but final form is ewww

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