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  1. Imo there are a lot of EN players but there are not as visible as CN cuz the jeep it lowkey, only talking on his Team
  2. KoolT93

    Where can I find Jumpeon?

    Bro if you check the screenshot closely you will find that jumpeon appears at Safari zone ._.
  3. KoolT93

    Frequently asked questions.

    What hardware do I need to play pokemmo in android fluently
  4. KoolT93


    Finally, it happened, im so glad this day came, Nintendo shuted down Pokemmo We are free fam
  5. KoolT93


    LMAO @Tranzmaster stop w this alts
  6. KoolT93

    can event items come back?

    @Maekaaay ty DS
  7. KoolT93

    can event items come back?

    there is any pic of that hat?
  8. KoolT93

    Bst way to farm evers

    Then in your opinion whats the best method to get everstones Thanks to everybody for the advices
  9. KoolT93

    Bst way to farm evers

    CAme back to game after a break...las time i was playing best method to farm was thief w quagsire in magma hideout. Things like everstones value changed a lot so i was thinking if there is a better method thanks for the repliess
  10. KoolT93

    Any Tips for a New-ish Player?

    Quit while you can

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