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  1. Mfw Zehkar dont host this
  2. If you lose gg spartans
  3. Aerun vs glu today, lf taker on remaining bets
  4. Voltorb sold, up
  5. Team Name: Only Comp Players Team Tag: ØCP Registered Players: AinhoaJL, KoolTrainerXCIII, Geniculata, JackofDown, CarlosBreak, JerichoGamer, Carlosclc, Gianfelix, Ryukt Team Captain: KoolTrainerXCIII
  6. 200k Bayer vs madrid Barca vs juve Atleti vs leicester Ez Dont want to risk on boru vs monaco tbh... Boru looks better but they can surprised
  7. 100k Fabroo vs havsha - @aftershocker - unpaid Gazelli vs garyy Encanto vs tranz Lucas vs wiri - @aftershocker Aerun vs glumac Lkrenz vs lord - No one took, LK won
  8. Scarf hera w facade is bae
  9. Gonna try this if doesnt work then gotta spend bps Thanks for the answer guys
  10. Title, I need some and cant get one. I was "tricking" machop and machoke in victory road
  11. Wow so cute, thanks a lot Brook ill mail you money when i get on
  12. Text: KoolTrainerXCIII or KoolTrainer93 Team (If you want it added):ØCP Character/Pokemon: Croconaw Background: whatever you feel fits Animation:not needed :D Donation amount (If there is one):20k or something