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  1. More color options like sleeves on cool jacket or band in esmeralda knit hat
  2. How much each 500 rps
  3. So you are bad
  4. The way I won those 50 bucks...I feel so fuckin dirty
  5. When hacking its too ez
  6. Where the bold omastar are??? 31 speed but no hp needed fam
  7. Munya didnt said hes up for multiple takers so LF confirmation @Munya Thread updated btw
  8. Thread closed
  9. Thread updated, long run bets on 2nd post, when lineups out matches gonna be on 3rd post Good luck w your bets Also if u edit ur post w takers would be easiest for me to update
  10. Bro test ban was like 2 day ago...let players adapt and breed.
  11. Juve dissapeared in 2nd half...
  12. Found ada tauros..LF bold oma now. BUMPP
  13. Inb4 Juve gets robbed
  14. Upp wishlist edited