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  1. More color options like sleeves on cool jacket or band in esmeralda knit hat
  2. So you are bad
  3. The way I won those 50 bucks...I feel so fuckin dirty
  4. When hacking its too ez
  5. Munya didnt said hes up for multiple takers so LF confirmation @Munya Thread updated btw
  6. Thread closed
  7. Thread updated, long run bets on 2nd post, when lineups out matches gonna be on 3rd post Good luck w your bets Also if u edit ur post w takers would be easiest for me to update
  8. Bro test ban was like 2 day ago...let players adapt and breed.
  9. Juve dissapeared in 2nd half...
  10. Inb4 Juve gets robbed
  11. I like you :)
  12. IGN KoolTrainerXCIII Timezone GMT+1 Tiers MMO OU-UU-NU Fluff lmao
  13. Reserveeee this and another one, pls dont merge