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  1. Opp thanks a lot bro ill send you some money later c:
  2. Colorable emerald knit hat pls Ninja mask being face and not hat would be cool too
  3. Choice of two colors: Spoink colors Name: BadNBoujee Team (Optional): Render: Spoink
  4. Info on bellos buzz raichu bro
  5. Info on exploud buzz veno pls
  6. Skarm cant touch you either only ww, 1v1 you win. Pin missile is good for starmie who is a common switch in
  7. How to improve trading 101 Make trade chat global based Update gtl: see who posted the poke so we can pm him counteroffers, ask to save the poke etc I heard there was an auction subforum idk why it got deleted but looks lit imo (auctions on gtl would be cool too)
  8. When you made 2 nu tours w like 1hr of diference and no tour at all the next day
  9. Metagross sold ezzz Lf for some RPs or pink dyes
  10. Why relaxed tho? unless you going hp fire (other fores, skarm) you should run impish, counter is meh imou should consider toxic or pin missile too
  11. 1m
  12. Wtb adamant kabutops uppp
  13. Add more info on dex (male-Female rate, items hold by the poke, if its day/night only...)
  14. Bruh why so serious? I was doing you a favor so you better spawn me some cool shinies, u welcome tho