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  1. Yo! Can you guys help me with the price of my Chari please?
  2. Please update this fine classic
  3. You're an absolute crack! Thanks for revive this classic!
  4. Woo man, that was really fast! Thanks to you for your attention, u're a crack! And I insist, this is actually the best theme by far!
  5. M8, this is simply the best theme at the moment! Thank you so much! There is only one issue, it doesnt have a particle tab in the summary, so is impossible to see that. Can you add that tab please? It would make this theme completely perfect! Thanks again.
  6. What about something like this. It would be DOPE!
  7. LF for value of this TIMID nature:
  8. Team Name: PuebloDeRohan Team Tag: [ROHN] Registered Players: AzulSick, CholoCarbon, eliaslool, Katushira, LuzLavanda, MasterchiefHN, PokkeRiley, Riversat, UnderLight, xSpyroo Team Captain: CholoCarbon
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