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  1. Talking about hazzuuu ??
  2. I never thought I'd say it in my life, but I agree with what Bilburt said. Bilburt go host PSL XI
  3. The risk is for players who reveal the cheating, they will never be trusted again and probably never choosen in PSL.
  4. PinkLabel

    [PSL X] Player Registration

    IGN: Pinklabel Timezone: +1 GMT Fluff: no one couches on my watch! Preferred Tiers: Pokemmo OU and SM OU Most Preferred Manager: Kriliin Forfiter MaeKaaay Pachima Least Preferred Manager: Lifestyle
  5. PinkLabel

    [PSL X] Predictions Thread

    Managers dream team: Maekaaay Forfiter Kriliin Pachima Overtoasted Predakiller Enchanteur RealDevilLegend Worst managers: Bilburt ZhikoDark
  6. PinkLabel

    Match history played

    Hey, i was on a ranked game and i got a dc, when i did comback, the game was ended but i dont know if i did comback in time or no, so i dont know if i won or i lost. I did check on battle chat and others chat, there is no message of win or lose. Maybe add historical of player tha we played + win or lose that will be awsome.
  7. PinkLabel

    A RacheLucario Appreciation Thread

    Yes @RacheLucario is an amazing person even with all the work she does. She always finds the time to meet the players and help them.
  8. PinkLabel

    Quick Wishlist

    Because once you put the object in the GTL and just after you a person put 99 times the same item for 1 $ less, you have to wait 99 times the same item sell before yours can be sell. Or you can withdraw the item because you have already paid the 5% tax and to be able to cut the person to the 99 items you must pay 5% tax "AGAIN". This is why the tax should be levied after the sale but not at the time of putting the object on the GTL.
  9. PinkLabel

    Quick Wishlist

    @Kyu @Desu is that possible to put 5% taxe on GTL after the item will be sold ?
  10. PinkLabel

    Akshit's Asylum [Comps]

    @Akshit IS THE BEST <3 <3

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