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  1. A RacheLucario Appreciation Thread

    Yes @RacheLucario is an amazing person even with all the work she does. She always finds the time to meet the players and help them.
  2. Quick Wishlist

    Because once you put the object in the GTL and just after you a person put 99 times the same item for 1 $ less, you have to wait 99 times the same item sell before yours can be sell. Or you can withdraw the item because you have already paid the 5% tax and to be able to cut the person to the 99 items you must pay 5% tax "AGAIN". This is why the tax should be levied after the sale but not at the time of putting the object on the GTL.
  3. Quick Wishlist

    @Kyu @Desu is that possible to put 5% taxe on GTL after the item will be sold ?
  4. [PSL9] Week Six

    2 hours of battle ;-) BIG GG to @giantpipe i had to make fast decision because of timer. Nice RNG btw :) I lost
  5. [PSL9] Week Six

    me vs @giantpipe in 10 min
  6. [PSL9] Week Six

    me vs @giantpipe after : Fuel the Friday Night Fire
  7. [PSL 9] Betting thread

    I take, i take and I TAKE
  8. [PSL9] Week Six

    @DoubleJ <3 thanks for the yellow, you can call me : YellowLabel now
  9. [PSL9] Week Five

    gg i won :) let's go rattata's
  10. [PSL9] Week Five

    me vs @Stelianin 10 min
  11. [PSL9] Week Five

    me and @Stelian Saturday night
  12. [PSL9] Week Five

    GG madara won
  13. Unofficial hOUw ever is lo.

  14. [PSL 9] Betting thread

    One Punch Ape (0) vs Ruthless Rattatas (0) OU: RLotus vs MadaraSixSix 500k bet. Void if subbed. take only 1
  15. [PSL9] Week Two

    me vs @SejuaniSupport in 20min !

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