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  1. IGN: Pinklabel Country/País : ALGERIA / AFRICA Tiers: OU,LC
  2. Me vs Zekn SMOU in 10min !!! https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen7ou-948408009
  3. IGN: Pinklabel Timezone: GMT+1 Tiers: SMOU / PokeMMO OU / PokeMMO LC Something else to farm likes: A PSL without me isn't a real PSL.
  4. Team Name: DustintheWindTeam Tag: WINDRegistered Players: Rynners, Bluejim, ChampionofCapua, Staggiie, Cinthel, Gatpen, Vegeta, Ninjaleel, TooFastForJack, EthanOs, MightyBoxer, Khaeseel, donttakethebait, LazyDarren, CoolLikeJerryTeam Captain: Rynners
  5. Wiriketchup vs Goku in 5min OU: Argentina vs Africa Edit: Goku got a DC, they will player when Goku will be online.
  6. AZCINO vs PoseidonWrath in 10min OU: Africa vs Argentina
  7. @Bearminator i sent a mail to a wrong person, can my comp get beck to me please ?
  8. Africa vs China A Nu : mullenyu vs MHkasers in 10min
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