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  1. Thank you @Dianinha :-) ! Good to be back! And hi @FinnTheMember
  2. Hi all! After about a 2 year pause I decided to return back to the game. I must say, it changed quite a bit and I especially like the increased challenge in gym battles over the vanilla games. I started a new character named Elleara. My old one was likely erased because of but that's fine as I would delete it myself otherwise anyway. After all given all the changes that happened a new adventure is the way to go for me. And if I'll meet some old or new friends, all the better :-) . So see you around!
  3. Now it should be finished. I retested some stuff and also found a bug (or rather a huge difference from the core game): - (Badly) startles Pokémon that made a same-type appeal: These moves are bugged and don't behave as in the core games. Normally they would startle the pokemon that used the same category move as the startle move much more then the JAM figure says. However in PokeMMO it will work like a plain startle applying the JAM to all previous pokemon.
  4. I wouldn't call it entirely finished. Some things behave slightly differently and I yet have to retest and document those. In addition there are still some mechanics left to try, namely mirror move and those similar to it.
  5. ありがとう @Brooklynmrたん, its really beautiful :-) .
  6. Tested and guide amended accordingly. Thanks :-)
  7. Thanks a lot, I just tested it and it works. I updated the guide accordingly and added references to your and @SodaNaranja post.
  8. Oh, I didn't know about the black pokeblock. Do you know the PokeMMO recipe for it?
  9. Pokemon Contest Guide As per @Startearたん request I've put together a guide to a frequently overlooked feature of Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald editions: Contests. While there's a ton of guides on this topic for the original games, I couldn't find any specific to PokeMMO. While the main audience for this guide are the participants in our VÏP Team Contest Events, anyone who's interested in contests should be able to benefit from this. Winning in a contest can get you nice prizes. Besides berries, lemonades, moomoo milk you can also win rare candies. And sometimes winning a mas
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