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  1. Team Tag: DD Team Name: DarkDragons Registered Players: DaniXRi, Markoc, UnlimieDXx, TslMania, DONFLAMINGO, rickdn, Goticsel, Eldlich, Moshiop, MaximoLatino, lRoyxD, VerdiBlanco, GonzaloElChino, Markezzin, WilsonG. Team Captain: DaniXRi
  2. jooo niceee leaf storm is a great move for doubles ty
  3. Hello I need help what is the best moveset and ev distribution for ludicolo in doubles. :) :)
  4. hey ty bro nice information. :)
  5. Hello i need help, What is the best moveset natu and ev distribution for Mandibuzz OU Pleaseee
  6. Hello i need help, What is the best moveset, natu and ev distribution for Nidoqueen
  7. hey hello, i need help i want to create a team doubles what is the best team doubles and what is the best moveset and evs distribution for togekiss doubles please.
  8. In-Game Name : rickdn In-Game Team : Líve Character Theme : one piece Display Resolution : u choose Animated Login Screen : yes Type Theme : ChnapFlat Color Theme : u choose
  9. Name: rickdn Team (optional): Líve Render (Pokemon/Character): Salamance Donation: 20k
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