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  1. IGN: Zbleeex Preferred Tiers: LC Discord contact: Zbleeex1070#4686 Fluff: Here to spend less than 5min per game. Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: NotAwax for sure
  2. IGN : Zbleeex Country: Belgium / Morocco Tiers: Haxball / Metronome Personal Note: I’m undefeated in 2021 Discord : Zbleeex1070#4686
  3. From the bench, GG BELGICA waar is de feestje ?
  4. IGN: Zbleeex Country: Team Belgium Tiers: Probably everything
  5. Tittle: Hidden Ability: Levitation IGN: Zbleeex Team SIÂ has now learned how to levitate *_* Garchomp should now be UU.
  6. Team Name: NotSIÂ Team Tag: [VPN] Registered Players: Darkquette, TheDrakeHope, Zbleeex, Zokuru, Rikoudo, Crafton, RSHOGUN, melecton, Pinklabel. Team Captain: Darkquette.
  7. When the game try to avoid the drama.. But SIÂ is a good goalkeeper. gg Spain.
  8. Weavil has pressure, he dont have the time sorry bro
  9. BELGIUM 3-1 CHINA gg japan or china or something
  10. In Game Name: Zbleeex Forum Name: Zbleeex Country: Belgium // Morocco Tiers: OU / LC Discord Name: Zbleeex1070#4686
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