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  1. AurumPegasus

    Butler´s Wager Thread

    lost gg
  2. AurumPegasus

    [GUI] In The Dark

    not bad
  3. AurumPegasus


  4. AurumPegasus

    WTS Cheap Comps/Vanities

    Bold Haunter (31/x/31/31/29/26) - Sludge Bomb / Shadow Ball / Giga Drain / Will-o-Wisp how much for this?
  5. Intor can say that ecks de
  6. AurumPegasus

    Update Hype (tm)

    @MaatthewMLG le bestié french
  7. AurumPegasus

    Team Tournament July (28th, Saturday)

    Team Name: The Lords Of The Hax Team Tag: LØRÐ Registered Players: Sebat moisessss (aka cantv) EfronX Takens Redav Aleso AxlKghost TiToooo (aka mvp) GauchoPower giantpipe isperea Jostarr (aka Risé kick ass) pIata NaiNN Kepzal BethoRP Oxizakre Team Captain: Sebat
  8. AurumPegasus

    OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    2 hard 2 kill if u dont have a Magnezone imo
  9. AurumPegasus

    Glitched Pokemon

    it's not a bug, it's higher level than you can use
  10. Commander Sparkie sounds like Boss Oltann... oh w8
  11. AurumPegasus

    Team Tournament July (28th, Saturday)

    oh u mean RICE
  12. AurumPegasus

    Team Tournament July (28th, Saturday)

    what is rise
  13. AurumPegasus

    Team Tournament July (28th, Saturday)

  14. AurumPegasus

    Value Advice

    Grimer Naughty with this ivs? how much

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