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  1. In any age, in any society, when people are small, they look up at the stars...

    1. Diano


      hey im tall and i look up at the stars too :o

      ok im out. X)

  2. Dynamic Monkeys (0) Vs The Raging Noctowls (0) NU: LifeStyle vs Abstractt @mago1993 LC: yosoyarca vs Stelian @mago1993 SM OU: Kamimii vs Havsha @Suneet Doubles: Chjul vs AlejandroGB @mago1993 OU: Pitzzin vs Kiwikidd @Kamimiii Spared No Expense (0) Vs Munya's Kecleons (0) UU: Schuchty vs Urquidi NU: AurumPegasus vs cjmystogan Doubles: MaatthewMLG vs DoctorJJ @gbwead OU: Drayyton vs Dylanwoodz Krafty Krooks (0) Vs Gardevoirs of the Galaxy (0) NU: Butler vs Blue LC: xSparkie vs Yettodie @Kamimiii LC: NagaHex vs Hopy Doubles: AxLKGhost vs iJuliantFNT Drako.. Dracarys! (0) Vs The Beefy Bouffants (0) SM OU: Wonderman vs gunthug @xStarr void OU: Titooo vs Hallen @TiToooo LC: Samoerai vs Cali @mago1993 100k each bet / no stacks
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